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The first draw the outline of the masses heavily coal, says the shapes of the shadows carefully, taking great care to get the forms fade in proportion to the square lines are true to each other, and suffer a little '. This is an environment outside the country, which you can later express in the form, how to draw the scaffold, in fact, that was recommended to do if a line drawing, where, taking the right was intended to make a point, and in this case, the design of the right must be done with a brush full of paint. Attach a diffuser to spray the coal, and the solution is usually a white shellac in spirit of wine.

Ingestion of raw and white shade (oil paint), mix a tone that you think is the half-tones of voice in front of you. Extreme caution should be exercised in the corresponding tone. Now smear this with a large brush evenly over the entire canvas (or whatever you do you study.) Do not use the middle a lot, but if it is too steep to walk on very thin, put a little oil with it, but no spirits. Smear believed to rub the color on the canvas, the work of the brush from left to right quickly, and just as thin solid tone that covers the surface. If this is correct, and your drawing is tight, you can just see it through painting. Now mix a tone that corresponds to the light the highest voice, and a map simply forms masses of light in your studio, leaving your 112scumbled for halftones. Note carefully where the mass of light is sharply against the half-tones, and how they merge smoothly into them.

You will find that the tone scum bled mixed with earth tone of light to which you are painting, and darken a bit '. This way, you can get a lot of different lights to the desired shade. Thick paint with a lighter shade will be, while the paint is a more subtle influence of the halftone original. Therefore, to be darker. Once this is done, mixed with the darker shade of color, and continue to explore the shadows in the same way as you did the lights note carefully where they are clearly against the tone and a half, and where they disappeared. In the case of thicker paint, the shadows are darker in tone, and a weight of thinner, lighter.

When the lights and the shades were drawn, if done accurately, their work should be well advanced. And it is to correct and refine here and there, he feels he want. Putting his work with the troops, and walk backwards to fix it. Defects that are not evident when closed, easily visible to a short distance.

I'm not saying that is the correct or only painting, but I'm not suggesting that these description exercises teach students many of the most basic of painting things as basic as how to ask a tone, how to handle brush, how to solve the appearance of a simple structure of tones, and how to handle his painting to express the desired shape. This first design is what I know, never given as an exercise, the study of drawing at this point is limited to the means of paper and charcoal or chalk. Charcoal drawing is as close to "drawing painting" is a kind of mixed method, half of the line drawing and the mass media. However, combined with painting, is very different to express a form of painting, and cannot replace a basic exercise with the brush.

The use of coal to the negligence of line drawing is often the student in a sloppy way, and is not such a good workout for the eyes and hands in clear and a concise statement. Its popularity is undoubtedly because you can have a big impact with little knowledge. Although this painting of a middle tone by no means the only way to paint, I feel that this is the best method to study the form, the expression of the brush.

However, when you get the color, made of a medium tone matte (or semi-shade) is the first to paint the entire ruin the clarity and transparency in the shadows, and may also affect intelligence, and the color of the lights. When the color has to be considered, you may need to adopt a number of alternative ways that is as well not worry too much until a stage is reached. However, there is no need for halftone not paint the shadows. To work in color halftone or color in the center of the lights can be done, and half shade umbrellas, and these first two pictures separately, the edge where they meet is currently being studied and prepared. Subsequently, a series of colored lights and shadows can be added. In this way, the quality difference between the colors and shadows lights has been preserved.

This is an important consideration because it is usually a strong contrast between them, the shadows are generally warm, if the light is cold and vice versa, and such contrasts to greatly affect the vitality of color.

I always try to do as much as possible with a brush stroke, painting vitality when the key is intelligent, but the management and continues to touch kills. Look carefully at the shape and variety of tone you want to express, and try to manipulate the swing of his brush, to obtain a single button to close the quality and gradation as you want. Remember that the clearer your contact will be where the brush first touches the canvas where he paints the light in your community, and that the amount of paint on the brush becomes less and is by the tone will be more affected by what being painted and become darker. And the painting of the shadows, the darkest part of his career will be where the brush first touches the canvas, and gradually ease in the paint on the brush becomes less and therefore, more affected by her to paint. If the brush is very full, not be affected nearly as much.

There are many interesting things to make a solid mixture of paint and transparent, but it is initially well not disturb too much the problem. Therefore, to leave this later, when you are qualified to attack the problems of color. Keep the initial phase and in black and white and color pretty solid, but thin as you can afford a thick paint those occasions when you want to put the touch, which should not affect what you are painting.

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