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By Christina Harris

By changing any room in your home paint helps; it has the ability to change any dull room into a nice eye catcher. Many people choose to paint every room in their home. Just about anything can be painted. You can use your choice of object to paint with from a sponge to a roller to a brush. Using different ways of applying the paint will result in different textures and looks.

Before you start anything you should decide on what color you would like to paint. Paint swatches really do not give the true color that the paint will be. Bright and also darker colors happen to look stronger on walls, ceilings and woodwork. Pale colors happen to fade after time. Before you buy all of the paint you should first purchase a small sample and paint a tiny area, this will help you be certain that it is the right color. If it is a color that you are planning to have for a few years then it would be best to buy a little more then needed so you can match up the paint at a later date if needed.

After you have your paint you need to decide what you are going to paint with. I find it easier to paint woodwork with a brush and walls and ceilings with a roller and a sponge for the closer jobs. You need to pick a few brushes or rollers that are different sizes so you can use them in the middle and the close to jobs.

After you are finished you need to clean all of your brushes in the proper solvent, the proper solvent will be stated on the side of the can. If you are going to take a break you can store your tools in a plastic bag to prevent the paint from drying. If your painting job is going to last for a few days you could seal the tools in a plastic bag and store then in the freezer for overnight.

The tips mentioned above are really helpful. So, one must remember those tips and apply them as well .

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