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By Steven Freeman

There are many different paints, stains, and varnishes that are available today and this can make choosing paint a headache for anybody that has no idea what they are looking for. There are two major categories in which paint falls in and that is oil based and water based. Varnishes and stains also fall under the same categories.

Paints that are oil based come in gloss, semi gloss, or matte. It wears well and it provides an easy clean surface. It is good to use oil based paint on doors, windows, or just about anywhere that needs to have a finish that provides a protection. If you need a good washable surface you can also use oil based paint on ceilings and also on walls. It is never a good idea to paint over top of wallpaper because it makes it harder to remove from the wall.

Water based paint is much easier to work with this is because the brushes and all painting tools can be cleaned using only water. It is the choice paint for walls and also for ceilings and for textured surfaces outside.

When painting any new surface it is best to use a primer. This will help because it will prevent the paint from being absorbed. Also by doing this it gives the paint something to stick to. The primer the you choose should be manufactured by the same company. For a hint you can use water based primer for oil paint but you can't use an oil based primer for water based paint.

The number of coats the you will need depends on how porous the surface is, and the thickness of the paint you are applying. The overall quality of the paint has a big factor too.

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