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By Al Zamora

Is organic food really as safe as most people believe it is or can it be as harmful as store-bought food? Organic gardening can be described as a widening trend among many people. Do you ever get organically developed fruits and vegetables, and do you ever wonder if they really are as good for you as they say? When you finish this article, you will have read some things that will make you think.

33% of the food bought in the united kingdom was demonstrated to have measurable levels of pesticides and chemicals within them, and this was done by a scientist in the UK. These chemical substances were used to enhance the crops, and are regarded as harmful to the human body. The advanced world certainly is the prime target for these chemicals and it isn't going to even matter if the food is organic or not. The toxic contamination was principally caused by the water in the ground that was ingested by the plants. For a long time, chemicals from fertilizers and bug sprays have been dispersed over the ground to make the plants grow faster, and bigger.

All these chemicals moved into into the ground water tables, and are contaminating everything. Distilled water is a good alternative to this water but in that case you will be lacking nutrition. Wind currents likewise spread the contamination. Most of the fertilizers and pesticides are sprayed on the crops, so whenever the wind is blowing they can be carried anywhere. The wind flow continually circles the earth and this process allows for easy transfer of harmful materials. Your organic garden may take damage thanks to this fact.

So even though you're taking many precautions, you don't know what might be traveling around in the air. Most of these pesticide sprays can cause complications in both unborn children and newly born children. The pesticides in the food might be part of a larger problem in the world that we have yet to foresee. A few of the problems these chemical compounds have been linked to are breakdown of the nervous system, certain kinds of cancer, and the weakening of the immune system, which can cause a lot of problems.

One thing that just isn't as true as you might think and that is washing your vegetables will protect you. Washing the peel is not going to be very helpful due to the fact certain chemicals leech through the skin and into the vegetable thus defeating the purpose of washing it. This short article demonstrated to you that organic food might be just as unhealthy as food from a grocery store or supermarket. Having said that, natural food is probably still more nourishing than chemically grown food.

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