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By Carly Ewing

Realistic expressionism is a blend of forces. Many painters have embraced these two seemingly contradictory fields and greatness has emerged. These have usually been known as distinctive fields, yet many painters have blended the two and created unique masterpieces that confront the human struggle.

The depiction of existence is one of the primary components of realism, and many artists have chosen the daily tasks in an effort to capture this spirit. They often depict real people and the daily activities that confront them. This is more than just a representation of existence, it is a response to it.

When the two fields are merged, it helps to cover movements as well as the various levels that can be found within this field of expression. The field of subjectivity is the underlying issue that is depicted in the many paintings that can be labelled as such. An individual's response to the world that they face on a daily struggle can be shown in a personal manner.

These two seemingly contradictory fields have come together in a blend of unique and exciting art work. The personal response to these fields are known for the realistic approach. The concrete and real world is one of the underlying themes of the painters whose work has been categorized in this manner.

A simplicity in the depiction of existence has been the impetus behind the many artists who have embraced this trend. Several painters throughout the United States and Europe may be categorized as such. The anxiety that confronts the real on a daily basis is another oft used subject by the painters of this field.

Realistic expressionism captures the anxiety of the particular. Several painters throughout the world have had their art characterized by these terms. Most of them are themed on the artist's response to the concrete world that they confront in a daily struggle. Their artwork has crossed lines in their quest to confront these themes on a daily and personal level. realistic expressionism

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