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By Harvin Gulfill

Airbrush is one of the electronic gadgets widely used even decades before, most especially on automotive re-coloring or retouching. These work out in almost the same principle with sprays that uses air to blow out atomized paint for a finer touch but just lately, various uses of airbrush are already starting to make it one of the most flexible gadgets ever.

Patented first under the inventor named Francis Edgar Stanley, airbrush was introduced to the world around year 1876. It was used primarily for the steamer making of the inventor which is now known for their product "Stanley Streamer". These gadgets were used to blow paint out of the gadget in which the paint particles are atomized, making the paint to look finer and smooth as compared to manual use of paint brush.

The airbrush works with the use of electricity as its source of power. Air is blown from inside, letting the paint or the dye to be refined before escaping the gadget. A trigger is also present in the gadget which helps you to operate the brush. Some have various adjustments where you can make the discharge wider or finer.

The airbrush is now used in various intentions such as in painting cars and other vehicles, where it is slowly replacing manual sprays. Since the discharge of the paint can be moderated through the use of the adjustment buttons or keys that can help in making color blends or transitions to look continuous and edgeless. There is also airbrush gadgets used in applying makeup or even in getting temporary tattoos.

Other new ways of using the airbrush only proves that mankind will always seek more and more on what they already have but on the other hand it is also an advantage because various inventions and discoveries are made, just like how airbrush gadgets are converted in more useful ways.

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