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By Stuart Bichard

If you look around localized advertising, you will find a large amount of 'handymen' offering to provide services to do work on your house covering painting, decorating, bricklaying, carpentry and other building trades. They'll frequently be cheaper than a skilled tradesman and claim to be able to do a great number of jobs so you do not have to employ several people. However , be a bit careful before you employ such a 'handyman ' to do work on your house.

It's extremely rare for a tradesperson to be good at all trades, and the expression "Jack of all trades - master of none" is obvious. Our company, SIS Construction, spends a great deal of time correcting the screw ups of people who are reasonably good at DIY, get a van and sell themselves as handymen.

For instance, I've heard handymen announcing their favourite tool is Gripfill to make repairs. Although trades will use Gripfill it should only be used as a last resort and not as a tool "it is better to make proper repairs to wood, brickwork or plaster and this can usually require a skilled tradesman. Such correct reapairs not only look better but also last longer and are less likely to give trouble.

Don't misunderstand what I mean, there will always be a small share of handymen who will be good and they're often carpenters by trade who have worked for a small builder and have so picked up other trades over time.

A skilled carpenter would have spent years at college and years on site learning the trade as would a bricklayer, a plasterer, a painter or a decorator. Always check and ask "are you qualified?" before employing someone to do work on your property.

An inexpensive multi trade person will most likely cost more as in a lot of cases the work will need to be corrected. Such 'handyman ' work won't necessarily last as long as a proper job done by a skilled tradesman. Although handymen may charge a cheaper day rate, it's not an economy as they will in a number of cases take two times as long to accomplish the job and you may have to get in a tradesman to do or proper repair job if it does not last or, far worse, to mend other damage that may result from a poor job.

Handymen and bad builders give the entire industry a nasty reputation which is way unfair as a lot of builders and building companies are highly trained trades people. Professional building companies such as SIS Construction will employ skilles workers and have a large range of building accreditations.

Furthermore, handymen can use poor equipment, which has not been properly checked or serviced, making the site perilous and potentially causing harm to them and you.

You need to check whoever you employ (and their gear if you have got any doubts) thoroughly. Remember that if they don't seem to be insured or trained in health and safety then you may be open to prosecution or other legal liabilities should an accident arise.

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