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There are a variety of approaches that can be utilized when printing a graphic into a T-Shirt, and every single technique has its pluses and minuses in relation to the others. The 3 main forms of methods for T-Shirt printing are screen printing, heat transfer, and direct to garment.

The very first kind of method is screen printing. By far, probably the most well-liked way and also one of the easiest mainly due to the fact it needs the least amount of tools to achieve. When screen printing, a woven mesh is used along with a design in the form of a stencil is placed on above the mesh, which in turn resembles a screen.

Following this, the blank T-Shirt is placed on a table beneath the screen. Then, the screen is put above the shirt and is pressed down with force whilst a squeegee or roller is moved over the top of the screen which forces the ink onto the shirt to create the graphic.

This method is suggested when the level of printing to be done is mid to large, as it's quick and economical.

Another typical method utilised for T-Shirt printing is heat transfer. This is a much more difficult process but permits for more extensive designs and will guarantee the final product is much clearer and crisper than a straightforward screen printed shirt. First the design needs to be printed utilizing the best combination of ink, printer and paper.

The graphic is placed upon the shirt and a type of heat source is then used to transfer the ink onto the shirt, which then dries the ink rapidly and ensures it sticks for certain. Essentially the most typical tool utilised for the heat source is basically a heat press, on a production environment or perhaps a clothes iron for a homemade item.

The final main approach for making T-Shirt designs is DTG, or direct to garment. This really is the newest type of printing, and gradually has become a method utilized by many popular producers of T-Shirts, primarily because it gives the best picture and can permit for a variety of designs.

The shirt is placed in a sort of inkjet printer along with the graphic is then laser-printed onto the T-Shirt, creating a clear and crisp image.

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