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By Emilia Stout

Abstract watercolor artists have been renowned worldwide for their avant-garde brand of aesthetics. They challenge conventional wisdom by producing art which has little or no resemblance to real-world forms. This allows the person seeing the artwork to interpret it according to his own style and taste. In effect, this gives the viewer a more interactive experience, being a part of the art process himself.

These paintings depend on using the peculiar characteristics of the medium to provide contrast and impact. The translucency of the watercolor allows great versatility in its application, with glass-like and glossy strokes on one hand and vivid strokes in another. Most watercolor paintings therefore are light and bright, giving a sense of happiness and joy.

Artists which use this medium are commonly of the expressionist movement. This movement, which started after World War II, is a hallmark of modernist art. A synthesis of varied influences, this art form tries to detach you from 'reality' and its limitation and allows you to see the expression as fully and as vividly as possible. Examples of such artists include Francesco Clemente, Joseph Raffael, John Marin and Charles Demuth.

You can also start early with this medium. Because this is a safe medium for the kids, it is commonly one of the first one taught in schools. This may be the reason why it is the most prevalent medium in America today. As a result, many renowned artists started their exploration of watercolor in their early childhood, perfecting it in their growing years.

Even relatively unknown artists can make good quality works. A good start is looking at the local art galleries or art guilds and you can see that some of their works rival those of the pros. Connoisseurs and laymen alike will appreciate their works and even by them for prices comparable to that of the pros.

While it is true that abstract art is no longer as big as it once was, abstract watercolor artists are still very much in demand today. The Internet has opened up a wide range of possibilities as to the marketing and distribution of this art form. It is not only possible now to procure materials from places as far away as Nigeria or India but for artists to sell across geographical boundaries. Prices range from $250 to and beyond, depending on the size of the project and the reputation of the artist.

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