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By Larry David

Choosing the right design of windows for your home can often be a complicated task as today the number of options are vast. If you want to opt for style that adds character to the property you should explore the option of installing wooden window frames. These can look great on any building no matter what its age. Before choosing a particular option you will need to be clear on the answer to the following question so that your money is invested wisely - hard wood windows or soft wood windows which will last longer and why?

You are likely to already understand that there is a selection of hardwood and softwood species that can be used to create window frames. Softwood includes trees such as cedar, spruce, yew, hemlock, and pine whereas hardwood would include cherry, mahogany, oak, beech, as well as maple. Before you make a choice you will need to consider the durability and longevity, these are more important factors in the long term than the initial cost.

As a rule, those frames made out of softwood are going to be quicker to show the signs of wear and tear than styles made from harder woods, this is because of the different internal structures. All hardwoods have internal vessels that were used for water movement whereas softwood varieties instead feature tracheids. You can see this for yourself by examining the profile of the different types of wood, hardwood has visible pores that are not present on softer woods.

No matter what type of design you opt for it is essential that the wood is given the right kind of treatment to increase its longevity. There is no point in spending a lot of money on wooden window frames only to forego important protective measures to guard against the rain and strong sun.

Another issue which should not be overlooked is that hard wood frames cannot be damaged as easily by scratches as knocks as compared to the soft wood options. It would require much less effort to preserve a hardwood frame.

It is worth mentioning that a hard wood window is tougher to work with due to its strength. For this reason you will see that most hard wood frames have relatively basic and simple designs. Of course it is possible for a carpenter to create a complex style though this would require more time and skill.

Whichever option you decide upon you can be certain that it will offer a natural and elegant appearance. Choosing the right window frames for your home can even raise its market value and desirability.

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