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By David Peters

How many times have you purchased something to only have it sit because you don't quite know how to use it? Many times this is the case with the software Photoshop. Photoshop is a vast program, but with the assistance of a good tutorial and taking lessons you can master all of its potential in no time.

Photoshop CS Tutorials

Photoshop has many features and options to tackle and learn. By taking small steps at a time, you can explore what Photoshop offers to use them to your best advantage. Here is only a short list of the many things you can look forward to mastering through basic Photoshop CS tutorials.

Learn the Basics

The basics of Photoshop CS tutorials will build the foundation from which all of the features and operations will come from. These building blocks include screen areas, layers and styles, droplets, actions and even the development of new images.

This will also give you an introduction in understanding images. This should show you how to experiment with the blend modes and determine the vector from the bitmap graphics.

Techniques and Tools

Once you have tackled the basics, the tutorials can take you through the process of painting, creating shapes, and drawing. It can also address filling, cropping, cloning, sampling, annotation and retouching.

By understanding these concepts, Photoshop CS will help you to appreciate more how Internet web sites and the web in general are designed. You will see how graphics and animation basically operate.

Optimization and Download

You can learn about browsers, JavasScript, platforms, backgrounds, positioning, monitor resolution and interpolation next which will be especially helpful for you if you plan to expand on your own web page.

Any task you take on with Photoshop will rely heavily on colors. At this point in the tutorial you will learn to determine the best color selections for your web page. You will also learn how to best manage the colors by exploring their modes and how to use them correctly.

If all these words mentioned above still sound very much Greek to you, then it is all the more important for you to start taking the tutorials.

Photoshop CS Tutorials Options

Once you know the significance of taking lessons on your Photoshop program, then you can begin exploring the many options for you to discover. Here are some of them:

1. Web Page Tutorials

You can access web sites that will teach you how to operate Photoshop. You can investigate the site and get everything you need to learn for a fee.

2. Demo Version

There are also demo versions for Photoshop tutorials that you can download for free. This will include very few chapters only. You can use this to evaluate the offers of a particular site before purchasing the whole package.

3. CD Version

You can also buy the CD to do your Photoshop tutorial even if you are not online.

4. PDF Files

Some web tutorials offer tutorials in the PDF format. This is a good choice for people who want a printout for their lessons.

5. Video Tutorials

Photoshop CS video tutorials are good also for people who need to be guided in every step of the way. This will demonstrate to you exactly what you need to see and click.


Online Photoshop CS tutorials provide the best opportunity for people to maximize their program and skills to become more productive and creative. So take the initiative now. Make sure you learn and you will definitely benefit from it.

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