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By Julian Burgess

Damage to wood can sometimes be the ideal place for dry rot to get a foothold. If it does, serious damage to the window may be the result. The danger of this is especially very great in high humidity areas. Here is a way how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows

Dry rot is caused by the spores of fungi attacking a damaged spot in the wood. They send their filaments deep into the wood, sucking out moisture, eating away at the wood and multiplying. The wood dries out and shrinks. The spores cause structural damage to the wood. The result over time is severe decay.

The sooner dry rot is found and dealt with, the less expensive and simple it will be stop further destruction. The affected parts can be treated with borates and epoxy. These substances work by stabilizing wood in the problem areas. Prevention is better than cure and there are a few ways this can be done.

You can spoil the perfect little paradise that wet wood is for dry rot. The ideal world for these nasty little spores is one in which they have plenty of wet wood, the ideal temperature and enough oxygen. If you make sure that no water comes in contact with your wooden frames, the dry rot won't like the place anymore. It is a case of no water, no spores, no trouble.

It is important that you ensure there are no gaps or cracks that allow moisture in. You will also need to check on the condition of the wood for early signs of decay. If there is discoloration this could be signal of dry rot setting in. A further sign is a dry red powder around the wood. This indicates that action is needed to prevent more destruction.

If there is dry rot, give it a good fight. First things first. Make sure there is enough ventilation. If this does not help, launch the attack. Get out the borate and apply. This should get rid of the rot, but only if the area is dry. Water will wash it off.

If you notice some spots where the rot is starting to take hold, drill a hole and fill with epoxy resin. In case of big damage, this will not be effective. Replace the affected area with the treated wood.

There are more than one way to treat for dry rot, but this is usually quite effective. The secret is to remember wood and humidity equals trouble, especially if you do not know how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows.

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