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The new rechargeable battery by Sony is a type G info Lithium Ion model NP-BG1 is compatible with Sony W series, T100, N2, N1, H9, and H7 digital cameras. It utilizes the BC-C53 charger can be used to recharge the NP-BG1 or the Cyber Shot Station Cradle. The dimension of the battery is eight point six by three point nine by inches and weighs only one pound.

Being the owner of a Sony digital camera has taught individuals how crucial it is to all have additional power with them. The Sony NP-BG1 battery will offer power to a few cameras that requires it. The battery which is lithium-ion has a life span that is truly amazing and is recharged quickly. This is a significant enhancement for those individuals who take pictures often.

Sony's worldwide reputation of being innovative for developing unique, attractive and high quality products has been furthered with its newest addition to the family, the Sony NP-BG1 which is another technological advancement that is taking the market by storm. This battery was created with longevity in mind as it is capable of lasting for years. The lithium technology which is used in Sony's NP-BG1 batter will give you longer playing time and minimizes the time that will be spent waiting for the battery to be recharged. This battery will give the suitable digital cameras the necessary power, needed to ensure that the pictures are crisp and clear.

The Lithium technology of Sony NP-BG1 ensures a playing time that is longer and less charging and waiting time, providing any Sony digital camera that is compatible with the power that it requires in order to take sharp, crisp and clear photographs for which digital cameras from Sony are well-known. Sony NP-BG1 Lithium-ion technology also makes sure of maximum power coupled with maximum battery life.

If you do not utilize the Sony NP-BG1 for an extended period of time, store it in a cool, dry, clean place that is far away from metal objects and heat. During storage, the batteries will discharge themselves; bear in mind that they should be stored at a state-of-charge of approximately 40%. Never allow your battery to be left dormant for extended periods of time. It is highly recommended that the battery is used at least on one occasion every two to three weeks. It is a great idea to clean battery contacts that are dirty with a dry, clean and soft cloth. This assists in maintaining a great connection between your portable device and the battery. The new Sony NP-BG1 comes in a condition that is discharged and it must be charged fully prior to you using it.

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