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By Richard Horowitz

Children are full of energy that you can channel into some project that will develop their creativity. Here is a how-to for parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids busy and creative all the while making something useful for around the home!

Materials That You Will Use

A stepladder made of wood A spray paint (any color will do) Sponges, which you can make out of your own design, also available in stores. Letter Stencil of your kid's name. Craft Paint, again of any color Newspaper (the older the better) Smocks or similar protective clothes for you and your kid.

After collecting the necessary materials, you can proceed to the next step. There is however some things you need to prepare beforehand. Spray paint the ladder outdoors, making sure that you don't splatter paint all over by spreading old newspaper on the floor and placing the ladder above it. Let it dry overnight and you'll be ready to bring your child into the project the next day!

Look for an ideal work place outside and move the ladder there. Your first instruction to the kid would be to sponge paint the shapes into the ladder. Let it dry thoroughly.

Next, help your child stencil their name(s) onto the ladder. Explain to the kid that he must stencil his name on the side because if placed on the ladder top it will rub off easily once the ladder is used. If it is to be a decoration for the porch of your child's room, putting the name on top will be ok if you choose to do so. Leave it to dry again.

Your kid can now boast that he has a ladder of his own that he designed personally. Put it in the corner of their room and through their favorite stuffed animal or trophies or photographs on top. If you want, you can make it as a porch or garden design accessory. More practically, you can let your child use it for help in reaching the bathroom sink or other out of the way place they need to get to on a frequent basis.

While you can buy a step stool in the store, making one with your child not only gives you an activity to do together to get in some quality time, but it also will serve as a reminder for many years of the time you spent together and may even end up as a hand me down to your grandchildren.

And remember, above all, have fun!

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