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By Alonso Shammo

The sole reason for the growing popularity and demand for the tribal cross tattoos are numerous. When one makes up his mind to acquire a tattoo done, he has to take care in his choice as the tattoos are a permanent mark and he needs to live with it for many more years into the future.

The history of the tattoos dates to the time 1000's of years before Christ. Thus one would not be wrong in saying that the whole tradition of tats began with the tribes. Archaeological survey also provides evidence for this, associating the first tat culture with Ainu tribes of Japan. The present form of the tribal cross tattoos that are in demand among the urban mainstream have gained their present form from the Maori tribes of New Zealand.

At present these form of tats are used by the Gothics who have combined the Traditional cross with the stark imagery of the tribal cross tattoos comprising of the usage of heavy black ink and beautiful bold shapes.

Talking about the cross, just as a symbol that was that can be bought from the very early days of human civilization; in its most native form it represents four cardinal points or the four elements that support life. Thus having such as symbol of strength with the impeccable tribal art is the best ornament one could gift himself with. One more striking feature of the tribal tattoo is the mirror image pattern that is inked to perfection.

The design begins with a sharp thick bold design and ends as a point. The form of skull tattoos is also in use among people who prefer a temporary tat. Even to the current day this form of tattooing is made use of by the native tribal people.

Many people in the urban mainstream get attracted toward these tattoos just due to the elegance of work and design without knowing the actual meaning of it. However, the fact remains that these tats are growing in popularity with each passing day and getting a growing number of seekers into the parlors.

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