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By Malcolm Stephenson

A sash window is a type of window dating back to the thirteenth century. Consequently, sash windows are most often found in older homes. They are often in need or restoration or replacement. A sash is actually the wood that surrounds a pane of glass. This type of window typically consists of two sash windows that can slide horizontally or vertically, as opposed to other types of windows that consist of one window that opens in a pushing outward motion. You can reduce your carbon foot print with sash window draught proofing this winter.

The original design of sash windows was intended to provide ventilation, and with weather stripping the windows can be made draught proof. If you are adventurous and like to do work around the house, you can order draught proofing kits online. The kits will provide you with all the necessary materials. There are many Websites devoted to sash windows and their restoration and maintenance. Often the sites have tutorials that will give you a good idea of everything that you need to know about doing the job yourself.

Ordering the online kit saves you the trouble of going from store to store to find all the needed parts. Plus the kit will be delivered directly to your home. The kits come with all the needed materials to complete the job and illustrated, step-by-step manuals. If the task is too daunting for you, and you would prefer to hire a craftsman to do the job, most of the Websites offering the kits also provide referrals of expert craftsmen.

If you can do the job yourself you will save on the cost of labor. The kit can be delivered directly to you, so no need to go from store to store to find all the needed parts. The kit will have everything. Once the job is complete, you will be able to take pride in the end product, and it will save you money on your heating and air conditioning costs.

Sash windows can provide exceptional insulation of three reasons. First if the original design of the window. In a open position, there will be an open area on both ends that provide a natural cross ventilation for air to flow in and flow out. An unexpected benefit of sash windows is that they help to prevent the formation of mold, which is caused by moisture condensation. Since the moisture is not trapped in the home, mold is less likely to form.

A second factor came into play with development of double pane windows that trap hot or cold air in the space between the two panes. This process creates a natural insulation, without using added materials or using electrical power.

The third factor is the weather stripping. With architects and builders becoming more conscious of the carbon foot print left by the use of a home, the materials used for weather stripping continue to improve. The stripping has the added benefit of allowing the windows to move back and forth without friction. If your windows are in a very old home, stripping will also eliminate the rattle of the windows. This is a project that will add to the beauty and life of your home. You can reduce your carbon foot print with sash window draught proofing this winter. It is great to be warm and comfortable inside, when the outside temperature drops.

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