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How Do Wooden Sash Windows Or Plastic Windows Impress You?

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Larry David

Debating the question - Wooden sash windows or plastic windows which option gives a better impression in an office environment? - is subjective, of course. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there is no denying that wooden windows, being more traditional, give an impression of solid worth that plastic has a hard time matching. Even the best plastic blinds are... Imitation wood.

Wood has been used to make windows for as long as there have been windows. Holes in stone walls do not qualify; they are mere slits or spy holes. Windows have transparency, and transparency needs a frame, and frames were made of wood. Period.

Wood is a great insulator, lasts well when exposed to weather and even longer when protected by paint or finish, and is easy to carve for elegance of design. Moreover, it is plentiful, renewable, and beautiful in its own right, both when new and smooth and when old and weathered. Andrew Wyeth did not paint pictures of plastic windows.

Or do you open a heavy wooden door with a brass knocker, to step into a thickly carpeted foyer with red leather chairs and an efficient looking lady seated behind a gleaming mahogany desk. Subscription magazines are waiting on a polished wooden coffee table, and the great outdoors is screened from view by heavy drapes, enhancing the atmosphere of privacy and privilege.

Wood is beautiful. Wood has class. Wood shows that you can afford to install it and maintain it, and have enough taste to want it. Wood is historically important, and is found in all the best families. Wood is in. So if your office is made of wood, it is by association worth spending money on and is inhabited by people who intend to stay around for a long time, who care about the environment, and who have a sense of style. Wooden windows will go along with the wooden desks, the heavy wooden doors, the wooden bookshelves, and the wooden furniture. All the metal and plastic components are in the filing room and the copy center.

Seriously, wood makes a good impression. Even unconsciously your clients will notice details such as polished wood floors and woodwork, or wood painted to match the carpeting and drapes. Wood gives a sense of permanency and sound construction which will enhance your professional image. Unless your office is in a site trailer, wood will be the material of choice for doors and windows.

Wooden sash windows or plastic windows which option gives a better impression in an office environment? It is really hard to make a winning argument for plastic.

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