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Pet Paintings and the History of Canvas

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Al Case

The best material for Pet Paintings is oil, and the material best suited for oil is and always has been canvas. Canvas 'drinks' the paint so the brush strokes are accurate and never shimmy. Furthermore, oil retains full luster.

It is interesting to note that canvas wasn't always the choice of professional painters. Before 1400 the most popular material of the portrait artist, and other artists, was wood. Wood was fibrous, it 'drank' the paint, but it was expensive to make and prepare.

Along came the renaissance, the world opened up, and new technologies were found around the earth. One particular technology had to do with the propulsion of sailing boats, and this was to prove a boon to all painters, and to this very day. That's right, that stiff canvas used to catch the wind and push wooden ships and iron men across the seven seas turned out to be the perfect replacement for wood.

Canvas was originally woven from hemp. Hemp is another word for cannabis. The material was originally made by weaving the cannabis plant fiber in a tight pattern.

Canvas was probably first stretched over basic wooden planks; it took a while for wooden frames to catch on. This was probably around the fifteenth century, and the practice exploded in popularity. Every artist who was any good, and a few who weren't, were ecstatic over the new material.

As has been indicated, canvas 'drinks' oil, but that was only the beginning of the benefits. Canvas was also light, easy to transport, and much cheaper. Interestingly, because canvas is so easy to use it became possible to paint larger works, and the size of portraits literally exploded.

The next big happening, in the development of this painter's medium, was in the type of material used to make the canvas. During the industrial revolution American Cotton was less expensive, and therefore became more popular. The top tier of portraitists, the more famous artists, still preferred hemp, for it lasted longer, was stronger, and, here's something to think about, was less prone to the effects of mildew.

Today's canvas, used by the portrait artists everywhere, is usually made of cotton duck, this because of the large popularity (and decreased expense) of acrylics. More accomplished artists, which would be to say those fellows and gals who actually make a serious living with their brushes, choose linen, and this is because the top notch painters work with oils. Whatever the medium used, however, the true test is in the skill of the person doing the painting, and this especially holds true for the art of pet paintings.

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By Hiring A Portrait Photographer You Create Images For A Lifetime

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Adriana Noton

Creating a beautiful image of your children, your loved ones or yourself means hiring a portrait photographer that not only has technical abilities but is also an artist too. While expertise plays greatly in photography, an artistic eye can bring a new spin on an old classic look.

There are all kinds of people that take pictures in the world. Many chose to focus on technique rather than the artistic qualities. This needs to be considered when you choose the person to take your pictures. Most individuals that do this for a living have websites where you can see past images they have captured. This is important to finding someone you like not only their images but their energy as well.

Once you have narrowed down the person you want to shoot your images, then it is important to make sure their pricing is in line with your budget. You want to take the time to meet with them. Their personality is very important to working with them. You want to make sure that they have an energy that you respond to.

You must also consider whether the session will be indoors or outside. There are good and bad to both locations. If you have a special location that has meaning it could greatly enhance your picture. But being outside also means that what's happening in the weather directly affects your photos. Also, creating the perfect lighting atmosphere might be harder somewhere outside.

If the photographer uses studio space they may be able to use backdrops and fabrics to create a specific feel. Also, you may ask if they have the experience with graphic programs that can help boost the images they take. A photographer with a studio knows the space, controls the lighting, and has props that can be used to create an even better picture.

Once you have the place you need to coordinate what you will wear. If you have many individuals in the image then being in a more uniform dress will allow the faces and expressions to be the focus. There are colors that work with the camera and those that don't, ask which your photographer considers best.

Picture day arrives. Keep your look simple and try not to be nervous. The nerves can be seen in the images. Try to smile easily and consider body positions that look more relaxed than posed. Most of all you need to trust your photographer. They are the experts and if you chose them then you believe in their talents.

Hiring a portrait Waterloo photographer takes using trust since you need to let them do what they are good at. Be sure about what you want then let their abilities make you shine. Most of all, be yourself and don't forget to say, 'cheese.'

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