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Antique Window Replacement Requires An Eye For History

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Julian Burgess

Quality sash window refurbishment requires attention to detail and care for the little things. A sash window unit is made up of two panels that may have only one pane each or several panes (of equal number) separated by wood muntins. Cables and counterweights make it possible to raise the lower panel to nearly the same height as the upper panel. Proper refurbishment may involve replacement of the cables, weights, and muntins.

As the technology for such windows has been around since at least the seventeenth century, many historic properties have this particular type of unit. Most commonly used during the nineteenth century, these sets were commonly used in Georgian and Victorian homes. Sometimes they are said to cast Yorkshire light, as the very first were found in seventeenth century British homes.

Among the benefits that lead owners of historic properties to seek refurbishment rather than total renovation of elements such as these windows is the charm and allure that such treatments afford. Often constructed of six panes per panel of sash, these pairings are tall and broad to allow a great deal of light into houses that may have been constructed without many electrical lighting options.

Additionally, sash windows are excellent choices for people who live in temperate climates to maintain for cool breeze living. Those units that can be manipulated so that the upper panel is slightly open even as the lower panel is as well provide cool-air circulation as rising heat pushes out through the upper panel and cool air is pulled in through the lower panel.

Weights, cables, wood muntins, and fixtures such as metal lock mechanisms may require replacing, too. As panes are discovered broken or break during refurbishment, pane replacement will become necessary as well.

Although cloth and lead cables were widely used, they may be replaceable by steel cables. Lead is not ideal for a number of reasons, including the health risk it presents as it becomes worn and releases particles which may be aspirated into the air. Cloth is prone to breakage and rot.

Old window units may be used to make replacements for worn wood muntins. Whenever unusable windows are not available for scrap pieces, wood workers may be employed to fashion muntins by hand. Commissioned, these can be made identical to the original pieces.

Metal fittings and lock mechanisms may require repair or replacement as well. Many styles for complete replacement are available, from modern selections to those in keeping with the styles of particular days. Visit hardware stores, restoration sites online, or catalog sites to find the perfect choice for a specific home.

Glass panes are often era specific. Among the styles that are commonly found in homes with sash windows are bubbly glass, oily glass, or wavy glass. Choosing glass that matches the other panes' style will help to maintain the window units integrity.

Repairs and refurbishments such as these can make a big difference for a historical property. Choosing to maintain historical property integrity means paying attention to little details and working to choose the best pieces for replacement.

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Is Professional Sash Window Refurbishment Right For You

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Roger McNiel

Sash window refurbishment professional or DIY depends entirely on the type of work necessary, and the ability of the person doing it themselves. Replacing the cords, counterbalancing weights, or spiral pulleys can be done by a sensible amateur with all the correct information. Whilst replacing frames and whole windows is probably better left for the professionals.

There is currently plenty of information available in books and on the internet to equip the lay person to replace cords and other moving parts. Designs may vary according to the regions where the initial windows were built and replacement parts seem to be readily available. In some more modern windows the counterbalancing weight system has been replaced with a spiral balancing system. This does mean that an initial inspection is necessary before any counterbalancing or spring pulley parts can be purchased.

Windows are not light things being made from solid wooden frames and large pieces of glass and it will be necessary to remove them. DIY is never straight forward with access to places and parts causing added difficulties. It is also worth considering that the windows position may require the use of ladders to reach the work to be done.

It therefore becomes quite obvious that to attempt this work themselves a person will need to be fit and active. Plenty of people are able to do the simple refurbishment with the correct tools and knowledge, and some quite possibly a more complicated job. A person who has a successful DIY background, thinks things through and is used to hard work could find this easy.

The alternative is of course to pay a professional. If you personally do not feel able to commit to such a task then the professionals do this all the time and so make it look easy. As is always the case the downside of paying a professional to do anything is always the cost.

Time estimates seem good, with bottom cords taking around one to one and a half hours to fit, top cords around two hours and the spiral weights up to an hour. This means you have a rough idea of your labour costs. However always be prepared that your window is not a standard one, and may involve extra charges.

For this reason and the fact that the balance weight systems vary it seems a good idea to get any company out to give a quote before agreeing to have the work done. It is always wise to research the workmanship and reputation of any company before employing them. The internet is always a good source of information in this area.

Whether to choose professional or DIY sash window refurbishment is obviously dependant on the personal situation of the house owner. Armed with this information they should be able to make an informed decision as to which is right for them. This should result in an easy transformation to get the windows working like new once more.

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Sash Window Refurbishment Assisting To Restore Historical Frontages

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Archie Davis

Sash windows have a charm all of their own. They have an ageless quality makes them suitable for use in modern and historical buildings of any form of architecture with equal success and add an elegance to any style. Unfortunately too often people are replacing these unique windows instead of considering sash window refurbishment and upgrading.

The Dutch artist, Vermeer, preserved these windows for posterity in his masterpiece called The Milkmaid. The inventor and designer of this concept created the design in such a way to allow cooling breezes to circulate in a room in an era that was centuries away from air conditioning and electric appliances. Sashes of these six-by-six configurations dating from homes built in the Georgian and Victorian eras are still being used nowadays.

At the time of these sashes first being utilized windows had to carry very thick and heavy pane glass. The manner in which the counterweights, pulleys and cords work gives the operator of opening and closing the sashes with ease. The way in which they move past one another also gives cleaners easy access for cleaning.

The handwork done by those carpenters that first made these sashes was of such fine quality that many of the original windows have lasted through years of opening and closing. It is unfortunately this continual wear and tear as well as shrinkage and swelling in times of climate changes that have led to frames no longer fitting snugly. Wood rubbing against another wood also causes wearing away.

All these factors have caused sashes to rattle in the wind and allow draughts into rooms. These draughts create problems when one is trying to warm up an area and tends to add to heating bill costs. New methods of draught proofing and double glazed panes can solve this problem very effectively. At the same time one may want to secure the windows with new special latches that are easily removed on the inside in emergencies.

Most refurbishing is done at the home and even badly chipped wood can be fixed without removing frames. A complete window is only removed if its frame is severely damaged. Work to repair it will be done in a workshop on the company premises. The weights, cords and pulleys are removed and overhauled before being replaced, if damaged new materials will be used.

There are products available that closely resemble old fashioned sashes and are used to replace irreparable frames. These replicas are of such a high quality that they have been given the nod of approval by National Heritage Councils for use in listed buildings.

In the United States these windows are known as hung sashes and are to be found in single and double sashes. In the case of the single type only one section opens whereas the double operates as a normal sash window with both windows being able to open.

The design and concept of sashes are unique, elegant and bring a sense of stylishness to the frontage of any style of building. They add a charm which if removed would be lost forever. It is therefore vital that a person seriously consider a sash window refurbishment before removing any windows in need of repair.

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You Can Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print With Sash Window Draught Proofing And Next

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Malcolm Stephenson

A sash window is a type of window dating back to the thirteenth century. Consequently, sash windows are most often found in older homes. They are often in need or restoration or replacement. A sash is actually the wood that surrounds a pane of glass. This type of window typically consists of two sash windows that can slide horizontally or vertically, as opposed to other types of windows that consist of one window that opens in a pushing outward motion. You can reduce your carbon foot print with sash window draught proofing this winter.

The original design of sash windows was intended to provide ventilation, and with weather stripping the windows can be made draught proof. If you are adventurous and like to do work around the house, you can order draught proofing kits online. The kits will provide you with all the necessary materials. There are many Websites devoted to sash windows and their restoration and maintenance. Often the sites have tutorials that will give you a good idea of everything that you need to know about doing the job yourself.

Ordering the online kit saves you the trouble of going from store to store to find all the needed parts. Plus the kit will be delivered directly to your home. The kits come with all the needed materials to complete the job and illustrated, step-by-step manuals. If the task is too daunting for you, and you would prefer to hire a craftsman to do the job, most of the Websites offering the kits also provide referrals of expert craftsmen.

If you can do the job yourself you will save on the cost of labor. The kit can be delivered directly to you, so no need to go from store to store to find all the needed parts. The kit will have everything. Once the job is complete, you will be able to take pride in the end product, and it will save you money on your heating and air conditioning costs.

Sash windows can provide exceptional insulation of three reasons. First if the original design of the window. In a open position, there will be an open area on both ends that provide a natural cross ventilation for air to flow in and flow out. An unexpected benefit of sash windows is that they help to prevent the formation of mold, which is caused by moisture condensation. Since the moisture is not trapped in the home, mold is less likely to form.

A second factor came into play with development of double pane windows that trap hot or cold air in the space between the two panes. This process creates a natural insulation, without using added materials or using electrical power.

The third factor is the weather stripping. With architects and builders becoming more conscious of the carbon foot print left by the use of a home, the materials used for weather stripping continue to improve. The stripping has the added benefit of allowing the windows to move back and forth without friction. If your windows are in a very old home, stripping will also eliminate the rattle of the windows. This is a project that will add to the beauty and life of your home. You can reduce your carbon foot print with sash window draught proofing this winter. It is great to be warm and comfortable inside, when the outside temperature drops.

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Deciding Upon Hard Wood Windows Or Soft Wood Windows Which Will Last Longer And Why Do They??

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Larry David

If you're faced with the question of hard wood windows or soft wood windows which will last longer and why, know that the challenge is not a hard one. Each wood type has its own set of attributes. What appeals to one individual may not appeal to someone else. But what most are after is longevity, so which is going to last the test of time?

Soft woods is a good place to start when deciding what material is best for windows. Soft woods include hemlock, cedar, pine, spruce, and yew. These woods tend to be easy to form into custom designs. But because they are softer, they do require maintenance on a regular basis. This means making sure they stay painted and doing what is needed to keep them in great condition.

If soft wood windows are maintained on a regular schedule, which means keeping the paintwork in good condition so that the weather does not compromise them, they can last a long time. It is not out of the question for a pine window to last 150 years or more. Many of the older homes built in the 1800s with windows still intact are soft wood that has been taken care of.

If you are able to ensure that softer wood stays dry and is protected from the elements, then there is no reason why you cannot opt for something such as spruce or hemlock. If you feel you cannot promise this, then the best way to protect your investment is through a hard wood.

When considering hard woods, it is easy to see that the durability is there. Those homeowners choosing the harder wood are those that may not be able to keep up with the maintenance. For example, an individual with multiple homes may have a hard time keeping up with the maintenance. And then there are those that are simply too busy to be able to deal with careful maintenance or have the budgets to pay for it.

You should keep in mind, however, that hard woods do not allow for flexibility in design. When it comes to windows, however, this is usually something that is not an issue for some people. For other people, it is an issue because only simple window designs can be made.

So although the harder woods can have a very long life, soft wood can too. For example, a window made out of oak is going to last longer than one made out of pine. The oak can usually go maintenance-free for a time, whether painted or not.

So when faced with the decision of hard wood windows or soft wood windows which will last longer and why? You know the truth. Due to the natural composition of the wood, you have choices. Hard woods cannot be altered very much, while soft can be.

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