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By John Mason

It's always been the subject of arguments whether art is innate or a talent.

Both sides managed to produce convincing discussions in favour of their position. Favoring the position that art is a skill proposes that art is a talent because everyone can learn how to express themselves thru an art work. And anybody can have the data to sing, paint and dance thru a skills class.

This reasoning advises that a skill is something folks can learn and since art is something folks can learn via a specific skills class and in example through various oil painting lessons so then art is more of a skill than a gift. On the other hand advocates of art as a gift also have their own reasons for believing that art is more of a gift than aptitude than skill. They already advanced the idea that talent is innate from birth, you already have that talent in you and via various exercises you will then be able to figure out and develop this talent.

They even went further by claiming that there are people who attended a specific skills class but with no success they still aren't able to know how paint, sing, compose a tune and dance. And there are people who did not get the luxury to attend any art class but became one of the most renowned artists of all time. Both positions have fascinating points but neither one out weights the other.

There is no point in putting into an argument such a surpassing question due to the fact that it will just leave us to nowhere. As a point of fact both statements and points raised by either side can be harmonized and reconciled so ending the debate. Art can both be a natural inbron given talent and a learned skill and learning art has been already considered a skill because learning the way to paint, dance, sing and compose music takes time and practice. We must not put a wrong dichotomy between a natural inborn given skill and talent because in fact both points compliment the other.

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