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By Jonathan Redworth

Many owners of period properties will be interested to learn the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. It is a worthwhile investment to improve the value of your house and minimize effects on the environment. Even though many new window designs are promoted as being environmentally conscious, the best solution is to restore and reuse the windows you already have.

It is apparent that buying a new PVC window has an impact on the environment. Yet, many old sash windows are replaced with new PVC frames. This means increased production of plastic products. A simpler and more environmentally friendly solution is to restore existing windows.

New wood windows can also pose problems. Deforestation is a global issue which can be addressed by using existing frames rather than consuming new wood products. An added benefit is that original wooden window frames are likely to be of a better quality and longer lasting than new ones.

The environment of your immediate surroundings is also affected by your choice of window. An attractive sash window restoration reflects well on your neighborhood. It might even add value to your home and neighbors' homes because it contributes to 'curb appeal'. Original sashes are also suited to the period of your home's architecture.

Levels of disturbance are less with a restoration project than with a new installation. Replacing windows can sometimes cause harm to plasterwork and walls. Damaged plaster has to be replaced. Therefore, installing new windows can result in a larger consumption of materials and energy.

Sash windows are useful for maintaining a desired temperature inside your house. During the hot seasons, opening both sashes will allow warm air out and cool air in. The smart design lets hot air exit through the upper sash while cool breezes filter through the lower sash. It is a much better and environmentally sound solution than an electrical fan or air condition unit. Altering sash windows can add to their thermal efficiency. For instance, adding extra glazing and sealing can help to insulate your house.

The ideas above make clear the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. Not to mention, this choice can be easier on your finances than installing new windows. In fact, window restorations are frequently less expensive than new installations. Looking in a local telephone directory or on the Internet will help you to find a sash window restoration company to meet your requirements.

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