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By Roger McNiel

You probably want to know how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows so that you will not have to replace your windows. When you discover rot and decay on the frame and windowsill, you should complete a repair that costs a fraction of a window replacement. This is a do-it-yourself job that anybody can finish.

First, you want to make sure the window is prepared for the job. You are going to repaint the wood when you are finished, and that means it's over to scrape away paint and rotten wood. You will need to pull out all of the wood that has rotted to keep the rot from continuing. Sand the wood when you are finished to prepare for painting.

The next step is to mix your epoxy or putty. You have to use some kind of substance to fill the gaps that have been left by the rotten wood you removed. Some people use wood putty, a strong epoxy, or even auto-body epoxy. Use the substance you're most comfortable with, and make sure you have enough to fill all the holes.

You may find that the space you're filling is larger than you anticipated. Drilling small holes that will allow your putty or epoxy to sink into the wood more effectively. Drill far enough to let the putty seep in without drilling through the frame.

Pack the putty into the space as tightly as possible to make the hole completely disappear. You make have creases and splotches left over, but you could sand those or refill them if you need to. You'll also be painting over the spots with your new window color. Allow your epoxy to dry until it feels hardened like the wood on the window.

When you're done with the holes, you can commence with the painting aspect of the job. Caulk the window, prime, paint, and check on the finished product. If you find small patches that are not complete, you can refill them with putty, re-sand, and re-paint.

Repairing your windows saves you a lot of money replacement windows that can be several times more than a simple do-it-yourself repair. You will also find that other windows may need the same repair. The same thing works on doors and door frames. Follow the steps listed and you can get these repairs done on your own with very little trouble.

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