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By Chante Lestor

Different Kinds of Paintings For Everyone

Painting is a type of art where you can freely express what is on a painter's mind. There is tremendous influence that art had provided to many people and to the society too for thousands of years. The canvas is the world of painters where they are like alchemists, producing beautiful and exciting colors. They mostly show the situations of the various ethos, culture and traditions, the mainstream society using painting. They can use painting to depict the human struggle with good and evil in our daily life and would advise all people to be pure in thought and action to give society the tranquility and happiness that it deserves. You can go and search for things related to painting and be able to understand its intricacies. If you are interested in learning how to paint, or other related information about painting then search for their online encyclopedia.

Painting has definitely improved compared to the drawings seen in caves that are made by our early ancestors. In the passing of time it had changed a lot of things and one of this is painting, you will see the changes from the cave paintings that turns to watercolor paintings and then to oil paintings, finally. We all know that there are several different colors and shades in painting that you have to be aware of. It is important that your painting has the right shades and color much like a melodious music that needs the perfect rhythm and voice. Painting is an honest display of affection and ones self of an artisit, it uses colors to speak to his audience.

Europe had definitely been an audience to the grandeur and golden period of art and painting during The Renaissance period (14th C to 17th C). It had a realistic touch when the paintings have renaissance classicism imparted on it. Concepts about human anatomy, light, and shadow is very important to all painters and this is why it is interesting and showing. Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci had been very popular world wide because of their paintings in this era. Monalisa painting created by Da Vinci is still the most popular and unequaled painting of all time.

Several different theories related to arts have been created and had established various schools and movements and these are abstract expressionism, art deco, constructivism, cubism, impressionism, modernism, neo-classicism, post-modernism, surrealism and romanticism. Painting forms have also surfaced which includes but are not limited to digital paintings, calligraphy, collages, abstract paintings, figurative paintings, and landscape paintings. The very popular words of wisdom from Keats - "Beauty Truth, Truth Beauty' is the true depiction of a painting in the mind of an artist.

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