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When you are in a decorating rut, look to your windows for the answer. An easy and cost-effective way to transform any room is by painting and decorating wooden sash windows. You only need a little elbow grease and a little time your can make your old room into a show place.

A Style to Suit Your Taste

There are limitless decoration choices available when changing the look of your home. Deciding the style, color, texture, and overall design can be intimidating. Before you decide to pull the plug on the project before you even start, do a little background work and the venture will seem more manageable. It will also prevent forced decisions in the store that you may live to regret for years to come.

Look at home magazine, or books. You don't need to spend a dime. Your local library should have everything you need on the shelf. You can even visit new model homes in the area for inspiration. Are you after clean minimalism? Do you like a more decorative look with flowing, heavy curtains or drapes? There are many choices you can make.

When you're planning the decorating project, it's necessary to look beyond the selected room and think of the entire property. Multiple windows in several rooms that face the same direction should have similar window treatments to balance the view from the outside of the property. So, the idea is to think about the whole image, not just the details.

Now that you have decided on the look, there are a few more things to consider. The first and most important to most people is the amount of money they plan to spend on the project. This project can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. You can shop in small retail establishments that will cater to your tastes. They will help with everything from the decorating to the installation. However, be forewarned, this type of service comes at a price. There are also plenty of options to choose from at large retailers. These big box stores offer a large selection and reasonable prices. However it means that you will have to do the work yourself.

Before You Start

Before you apply one coat of paint to the window sash, you will want to tape and cover the surrounding area. Move any furniture that can be moved. Place painter's tape on the glass paints to prevent smearing. Cover the flooring and any other exposed surface with a drop cloth. Now that you've protected the room, you'll also need to protect yourself. Wear eye goggles to protect your vision from dust or other particles that can fly into the air. You should also use a face mask to prevent fumes or other things from getting into your lungs. It's also a good idea to clean the window sash. A season's worth of pollen and dust can accumulate on surfaces. You'll want to get rid of this before you being painting. Also, if the old paint is peeling or the surface is rough, take fine grade sandpaper and smooth out the surface of the wood. Again, remember to clean way any dust that accumulates as a result.

Depending on how elaborate you make this project, it can be a quick job or a major project. Make sure you leave enough time to complete the work. If you have company coming in a few days, don't assume you can get the job done in time for their arrival. Always start with the paint. This will immediately freshen the room. Plus, you can't paint around curtains or blinds. No matter how hard you try to be neat when painting and decorating wooden sash windows, the curtains will inevitably get smeared with paint.

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