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By Dionne Buchanan

The start of May has long been really enjoyed in the Northern hemisphere as a celebration connected with spring and the arrival of the summertime. The days little by little grow a bit longer, the trees and flowers come into bloom for the reason that nature awakens right after the prolonged winter months. May Day events consistently functioned to increase fertility combined with a great crop and have generally been an event for the purpose of amazing and in most cases raucous celebrations. These practices could be traced back to ancient pagan celebrations like the Celtic pageant of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night .

The first of May has a distinct significance for anarchists, socialists along with other trade unionists as International Workers Day. It remembers the struggle for an 8 hour working day and recalls the sacrifice of 8 anarchists who were framed as accessories to murder after the throwing of some sort of bomb at law enforcement officials smashing up a peaceful demonstration in Chicago on the first of May 1886. Four ended up being subsequently executed, 1 committed suicide and three other folks sentenced to lengthy prison terms prior to getting pardoned. An unknown number of other strikers were slain or wounded on that day when the police force opened fire at the group. Now, May Day has become a day when people across the globe display their strength, proclaim their particular beliefs as well as celebrate their accomplishments; plus for men and women to consider what they can contribute to create a better community for our children in addition to our children's children.

This year, for me personally it's been a chance to get outside and check out my all new DSLR electronic camera, the Nikon D5100. I had been looking into the D3100, but as I'd possessed an SLR in the past, all be it a film model, My partner and i didn't want to have some other entry level product.

The D7000 was actually an alternative choice, it's an impressive digital slr for the sophisticated user, yet , on balance I felt that the intermediate level Nikon D 5100 was the right one in my circumstances and I've definitely not been disappointed by the superior general performance not to mention compatibility with my current stock of Nikkor lenses.

Before I commence, I ought to perhaps indicate that I'm talking concerning Glasgow, Scotland as there are at least 4 different locations of the identical identify in the planet to my personal knowledge. Apart from Glasgow in Scotland, the other three happen to be within the United states, one each in Kentucky, Missouri and Montana. There is in all likelihood scope for a challenge here?

The sort of task thought up following a night time inside a watering hole for instance staying at all of the places called Glasgow within a month and having your picture in each of the respective local newspapers. Preferably not in the Wanted Dead or Alive section. Or possibly I could always be expected to request some passer-by to take my photo using my innovative Nikon D5100 camera along with some neighborhood local landmark or celeb. This task would follow in the footsteps of Tony Hawkes hitching around Ireland with a refrigerator (however, if you ask me that refrigerator seemed nearer in dimensions to a mini-bar than to the one I've got in the kitchen). Or simply finding all the folks on Facebook with the exact same name as your self and aiming to meet up with them. A chap named Dave Gorman did any particular one, somebody even modified their identify to Dave Gorman merely to get in on the action. Now that is undoubtedly taking things somewhat far.

Anyhow, here in Glasgow the very first weekend in May is the Streetland local community arts celebration, at this point in it's 2nd year with visual art, live arts and crafts, music and songs, films, live entertainment, food, strolling organized excursions, street games and cinema all taking place close by one small street within the Southside. A veritable frenzy of sound, colors, movements as well as cultures. Roma songs, the pakora creating challenge, Brazilian Capoeira Angola performers, Scottish singers, what more could possibly a photographer with an all new camera desire to be able to experiment with the potential connected with his most up-to-date acquisition?

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