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To market a new product, service, brand or venue, you will need to think up some original and attention-grabbing ideas. The first thing you need is a launch event to create a buzz about the product, as well as impressing special guests and getting your product in the papers.

There are plenty of things you could do to make your launch event a success, such as arranging entertainment or getting some celebrities to show up. Some promotional events take place in unusual locations or have crazy themes, but this isn't the only way to make a splash. In fact, you can get even more attention for your event through one simple idea - ice sculptures.

Ice sculptures are perfect for promotional events as they make a very dramatic first impression, and they add a touch of celebrity glamour to proceedings. Some types, such as ice luge sculptures, can be used to serve drinks to guests. So, if you are launching a new brand of alcohol, the perfect centrepieces for your event will be vodka luges or ice bars.

Another great thing about ice sculptures and ice luges is that they can be designed to your exact specifications. So, no matter big or small you want your spectacle to be, your ice sculpture specialist should be able to oblige.

You can also arrange for your ice sculptures to be marked with the brand or name of the product, and you can also get ice logos made up as table settings or decorations. Ice sculptures can be made in the shape of the product itself, such as a watch, a pair of trainers or even something as impressive as a yacht, for example.

There is no limit to how creative you can be when ordering ice sculptures for your event. In fact, the more creative and exciting your sculptures are, the more attention your event will receive!

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