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By Bradley James

These days, interior decorating focuses a lot more on unconventional aspects such as the type of windows used. One of the types that are quite popular is wooden sash windows for modern interior design and style reasons. This type of window is a sliding window that generally opens vertically. It was inspired during the Victorian era and became quite popular in Europe during the 1600's.

The reason is because this kind of window provides architectural beauty to any house and seems to remain a timeless choice. The classic type usually has six glass panes that are fitted in two separate frames. Over time, the glass panes of modern sashes have become double-glazed for added protection.

This helps to keep loud noise from entering the house and also helps to keep the temperature of the rooms even. In the winter, the cold will not be able to come in and the heat inside the house will not be able to escape. Heat that escaped through the window sashes used to be a common problem in earlier centuries.

That is why it is necessary to protect these wooden sashes with the correct type of paint or clear coating. When the stained or painted sashes start to peel or flake, it is advisable to sand and scrape it in order to get rid of the loose paint. The exposed wood might be vulnerable to elements such as sun and rain. That is why it is important to sand them down and refinish them afterwards.

Paint might also peel after a certain amount of time and will then need to be sanded as well. It is advisable to add a layer of primer before applying a new coat of paint. A wide variety of tones is available and the paint can thus serve as a decorating tool.

Alternatively, the original color of the wood can be preserved for an authentic atmosphere. Many designers that want to achieve a look that is more rustic will prefer this option. The sashes are given a clear coat to protect the wood and enhance its natural shade. Wood is an especially popular design tool for those wishing to achieve a farmhouse or country appearance.

As a result, it has proven popular with bed-and-breakfasts because of the cozy air it lends to these establishments. As mentioned before, it also looks equally fitting in a modern setting. Wood such as mahogany or oak can lend an elegant and luxurious look to any modern home. It is easy to see why many people choose wooden sash windows for modern interior design and style reasons.

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