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By Peter Thompson

Windows are an integral feature of the architectural design of a home. They can range from the simplest rectangular to more ornate multi-paned arches. The design and composition of a window is of key importance to the ambiance of the home. A colonial home would be best suited to wooden sash windows for modern interior design and style. These many paned windows are a central feature of this majestic architectural design.

This type of window is created by placing large pieces of glass between delicate segments of wood. This forms a rather graceful piece. Wooden windows give a home charm and character, especially to certain time period homes. Some people using these want a classic elegance in their rooms.

There is a lot of maintenance to be done on the wood for it to last longer. Repairing or replacing these can be costly, but most people think it is worth the money. Period houses are perfect for hanging wooden frames because it fits and makes it beautiful. They also can add a lot of value to the home.

Tastes and likes of different house owners decide the various styles adopted. There are two types of window frames: single hung and double hung. Six by six glass panel designs is found to be the most favorite. Although various materials are now found used as window sashes, the aesthetic beauty provided by wood is unmatchable.

Window sash is a double hung window and is probably the most well-known. Transparent glass that has a wood or aluminum border or frame is popular. If you choose opaque, there are designs available, such as decorative frosted glass, tinted glass, or designer stained glass. Any of these can add color or beauty to any room.

No matter what kind of window you opt for, once they are up you can use any type of treatment you want or need. They can be used in any type of setting. To spruce them up, many accessories can be used including drapes or sheer curtains. Blinds can also be used, whether they are horizontal or vertical.

Centuries of refinement and modification have been involved to keep abreast with modern tastes and techniques. Wooden sash windows for modern interior design and style are unique. The interior decorator finds it difficult to cope with the change, though.

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