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By John Mason

Art is the most despised concept in the world. Folks who are not into art would say that art is simply just a profession in making beautiful decorations that may thrill the eyes of the spectators. Some even would go to the limit of pronouncing that art is nothing but a past time for people who don't have anything to do. But all of these impressions about art are wrong. There are those certain people, who learned how to become an artist, who have felt and understood the true meaning of “art”.

Art is more than certainly used to embellish a place however its purpose isn't merely restricted and or limited to being simply a decoration. Art is more than only a decoration it's a language that conveys a message in which the elements that are found in the art itself. It would be very offensive to the part of the artist to instill in her that her work is merely a decoration. Artists doesn't just create their master piece just for it to become decorations, they spent plenty of time perfecting their art work and they put their skills to the test in each and every time they display their art works in public.

Art is also not merely a past time for folk who just doesn't have anything to do. It is extraordinarily degrading to the very nature of art if we would say that it is just a past time. Artists spent just about most of their life to beat their chosen and or selected fields and they have run across plenty of heart breaking screw ups and overwhelmingly demoralizing scenarios yet because they're keen to become good in art they manage somehow to get passed beyond it.

So to say that art is simply a past time is very offensive and downgrading to the artist and the art itself. We cannot simply reduce art into something that is similar to a decoration or a past time because for an artists art is their life and it is very well what gives meaning to their existence as an artist.

We should plug the art rather than making silly comments about it. We have seen how art made a contribution to our society and how it formed our civilization so it is just and required for us to support art and artists.

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