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By John Mason

Oil Painting Lessons on cleaning. Cleaning is a technique of removing dust or stain from an object, it involves mechanical movement because you've got to use friction, force and movement to totally remove stains and dust. There are basically sorts of cleaning techniques the dry and wet method.

The dry method includes the use of vacuum cleaners, feather dusters and brush to remove loose dirt. While the wet methodology involves the utilization of water, brush and detergent to remove stains that really sticks to the object or painting that you want to scrub. A painting on the other hand is a work of creativity produce by a painter.

A painting has lots of idiom and there are numerous objects that a painter can choose from to be his or her subject. As a painter there are really times that you have to clean your paintings particularly the old ones. When a painting gets mucky you've got to clean it first by employing the dry system by the employment of a vacuum cleaner if it is covered with loose mud or spiderwebs. But if the painting is covered not with loose grimy but with stain then a vacuum cleaner and feather duster can't take away the dust.

This time you've got to use water and brush to totally remove the stain. But always remember never to use turpentine as it might or definitely will ruin the painting. Tiny quantities of water will completely the stain and it is important to take into mind not to use a brush instead utilize a fabric so that it will definitely not take and or remove the paint when you scrub the stain away.

Cleaning a painting is a magnificent way to save and or preserve your paintings however the best way to practically save a painting is definitely not waiting for the dirt to accumulate and clean it. Rather forestall mud from amassing through time by enclosing your paintings in a glass frame or keeping it in a dust explanation container. There are many methods to keep your paintings clean because a clean painting can last an entire life.

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