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By John Mason

Becoming an artist might be straightforward and at the same time hard. There are those certain ones that became an artist the easy way and others that took the hard road ahead of them. How come there are 2 ways to become an artist? Well, if you continue to read on then you would learn facts which you most certainly could use as you take up the way of the brush!

Two basic ways in becoming an artist; the simplest way and the difficult way. It is entirely down to you to take the decision of which road you would walk on. All hopeful artists, may it be those that do painting for beginners, takes the easy road as they start their journey but makes it hard for themselves thereby shifting their journey to a dark and hard road full of difficulties and zigzags. It isn't implied that taking the simple smooth road would just allow you to be free from barriers but it is important to know that you yourself is the only one that produces and has the ability to overcome those bumps on the way.

What does it mean we are the creators of our own obstacles? How do we beat this? It is fairly reasonable and straightforward once you understand the idea to it. Isn't it that everything we see around us is related to art? Everything is thought of as an art even our own bodies! The trees, the clouds, the leaves and even the sun and the moon! Our own thumb is even considered a replication of art as each person has a different thumb mark! As you watch the setting of the sun and the rise of it at each and every angle or time a different vibe will be shown, that too is art!

After you put that in mind that everything around you is art then you'd have no problem accepting how your artworks would look like upon completion! Let the painting or artistic work unfold and be what it is! After you get these things under consideration you would then learn to think highly of all your works and be proud about it! The process you went through and the time you spent would then fortify the sensation of fulfillment that you'd finally encounter at the conclusion of your works.

If you have already inserted this into your mind then now you could focus on more complicated details about art like color mixes, aspects, color values, structure, and the sorts. You could then continue to read books and go to varied art workshops that would develop your abilities and take them to greater heights! Expose yourself to art groups from all places and go on talks with other artists which then would finally lead you to unlocking new talents and strategies that you could use as you go along painting! Visit studios and museums and learn how to appreciate and see what you might get from gazing at the works of the master artists that have come before our time! Unlock your full potential and so much more just by learning these simple things! Don't forget to paint content and luxuriate in the painting process as you paint your each masterwork!

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