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By Rita B. Blackstock

If you hadn't realized it yet, labels are all about us. We see them used on everything from marketing materials to envelopes, food packaging, bumper stickers, CDs, books and more. No matter where you look, you're destined to see labels. And if you need label stock for business marketing purposes, the kind of printer you use plays a very important role.

A good number of work-at-home entrepreneurs use a single printer setup for all their printing and marketing requirement. In an effort to reduce costs, the vast majority of these professionals use ink jet printers. When using inkjet printers to produce labels for marketing or other purposes, it's important to keep the following tips in mind:

It's always tempting to immediately handle and admire printed stock as soon as it comes out, but this can cause smudges. After printing, give the material time to dry. If you don't allow for proper cooling time, thumbprints and smears will put a wrinkle in any marketing campaign.

When not in use, keep printing materials flat with a heavy object so that they will remain weighted down.

To avoid humidity damage, always store printing materials in the original plastic covering and keep them in a cool, dry place.

On the other hand, bigger firms will typically use laser jet printers for their printing needs. The following tips are important for those printing labels or marketing materials on laser jet printers: It is always advisable to use the label stock print settings. For most printers, these settings will use the same menu/file path sequence: File, Print, Properties, Paper and then you will be able to select the proper type accordingly.

It is also wise to use the bypass tray when printing your stock. This will increase the printer temperature and slow the printing speed.

And lastly, remember that the rear output door should be open while printing label stock so that materials can move along a straight path.

And despite the kind of printer you use, follow the printing instructions to ensure accuracy and the desired results. These simple tips will help your printed materials look smart and attractive each time.

And the most important thing to remember, apart from all of these useful tips, is that you will need to buy your label stock form a vendor who has a solid reputation for quality. So whether you're printing popular labels for DVDs, books or packages, or whether you will be printing on waterproof film, you need the finished product to be neat, clean and attractive. Stick with these printing tips and you'll be glad you did.

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