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By Jason Helminth

Movie posters have always been available since the first silent films were made. When they originally started making films, they really didn't know how to make a profit with them. Then somebody came up with the idea of actually going out on the road with the film and projector and showing them to an audience. They'd charge them an admission fee to see them. They also thought about selling the film projector along with the film to the audience.

They soon found out that trying to sell a film and projector was just too cost prohibitive. However, it is actually the same method that is now being used to market videotapes and DVDs today. In those days, they had no way of letting an audience know that a movie was coming to town. So they developed the very first vintage posters to advertise their movies. This turned out to be so successful, it is still being used today more than 100 years later.

Classic Vintage Posters

If you are able to find one of the rare vintage posters that was produced when the classic movie actually came out, you'd have something of real value. Movie posters from films that are classics today are worth quite a bit. However, we're not talking about the reproductions, but the actual poster that was printed when the movie came out.

The four most influential, famous and successful films ever produced were Gone with the Wind, King Kong, Casablanca and King Kong. If you can find original vintage posters of any of these films, you will have a fortune on your hands. Collectors will pay an extremely high price for any of these original vintage posters.

What most people don't realize is that the movie Casablanca only made a small amount over $2 million when it was first shown in the box office. Frankenstein and the movie King Kong only brought in about $5 million each. But, Gone with the Wind produced almost $39 million in profits.

When these vintage posters are found at auctions, they routinely bring in thousands of dollars for ones that have been properly taken care of. Collectors love to get their hands on any of those types of vintage posters and will pay a hefty premium to get one. You can be sure that they are well taken care of and at the very least will have a durable and expensive frame.

Most people cannot afford one of these original vintage posters. However, everyone can afford one of the reproduction vintage posters and they still look cool. Film fans will always keep these reproductions in circulation for years to come. And collectors will always keep the auction prices really high for the originals.

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