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By Sarah Covington

A fashion illustration showing a design's coloring, texture, and appearance on a model is critical for the designer to express the idea to the seamstress. These drawings have been employed worldwide for hundreds of years. Once clothing production became a necessity in developing countries, so did fashion illustration. Although fashion photography is becoming more widespread in the modern world, all designers still have to draw their concepts before they are made.

All artists have distinctive fashion illustrations as with any type of artwork. Fashion artists present their model and apparel with a range of methods and different styles. The sketches make a point of emphasizing the clothes and often don't incorporate the model's facial features or other extraneous details. While some artists do a really basic sketch of the clothes to get a concept of overall shape, others are much more detail oriented. Commonly, fashion illustrators use extremely slim and elongated figures to capture the shape of the garments. Fashion illustrators do this in order to capture the intended form of the clothing on the fashion show and magazine models with a similar look.

Despite the fact that the majority of fashion illustrations start with paper and pencil, modern technology has allowed these graphics to be shown digitally. Now, using the internet, designers have the capability to send their images around the globe and display them for the public. A number of designers even use their artistic expertise along with technology through the use of tablet computers, that allow them to sketch directly on the computer. Even so, for many detail-oriented designers, these methods do not supply adequate control and they still want to draw by hand and scan their illustrations afterward. Often, designers utilize these pictures to develop online design portfolios of their work.

Many years of training and plenty of persistence are needed to be able to draw the human body and garments in great detail. Students within the fashion discipline are usually recommended to take numerous classes which help them learn the necessary abilities for their industry. If this sounds like an art form you wish to learn, classes are available at educational institutions, art societies, or sometimes even museums. Furthermore, there are various books and web-based lessons that will help you master the subtleties of drawing figures and apparel.

Fashion illustration is merely an additional kind of artwork, and designers frequently sell their designs. With the creation of the internet, this kind of art is becoming increasingly popular to hang in the home or office or to give as a gift. Wedding fashion illustration is extremely common for a present for a bride or their family member. Some designers even do customized drawings of the new bride in her wedding gown to be used as a keepsake of the wedding day. Since the wedding industry is one of the biggest niches of fashion nowadays, these specialized dress designers must consistently create brand new designs in order to stay competitive.

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