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By Petra Berg

People enjoy looking at landscape paintings for many different reasons. It is the type of artwork that captures the feeling of the countryside, and brings it into your home. The reason that a piece is selected can differ, some people like to be reminded of places that they have visited, but some just enjoy see the stunning creations of natural landscapes.

What the art lover must realize, the painting is just a construct of the artists perception. They do not sit on a hillside, faithfully replicating what they see. It is more normal practice to sketch a scene, and return to their studio to paint. If they feel that a ramshackle building, or livestock, would add to the artwork, they are added. Even hilltops have been known to appear, or disappear, due to the artists perception.

It is difficult not to find a reason to buy a beautiful painting of a landscape. This is especially so if you are a lover of art, and of the countryside. This form of artwork is suitable to be placed in almost any room. Just by looking at it you could be temporarily whisked away to a place of peace and tranquillity.

Whether the scene in the painting is a place you are familiar with or not, it would be difficult not to appreciate it. Artists can be inspired by the beautiful scenes of the country, and can express their feelings whilst portraying reality. It would be difficult not to admire the skills required to recreate this kind of scene.

The artwork you choose must be something you can look at daily, and still find something new to appreciate. You should never be tired of the painting. It should be something to share with others, to talk about, to explain how you feel, and what you see that others may not see.

Landscape paintings allow you to bring the outdoors inside. They are of scenes that very few people have the privilege of seeing in reality. What you see in a specific painting is not necessarily what others see, maybe not even what the artists saw.

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