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By Manci Zeelgal

This piece will to be the first of a series of manga lessons that will lead you through the steps of how to illustrate manga. ( &

Even if you have never really been fascinated in manga lessons, don't be so swift to write off these articles.

You'll be surprise at just how much manga drawings relate to figure Illustrating and how much it use human anatomy. Just give these manga articles a shot, and I promise you will be astound at how much you'll find out and how much your Sketching skills will improve.

An Introduction To How To sketch Manga

To start off this manga articles series, I'd like to give a simple introduction to this art form of Drawing manga.

Manga originated from Japan. It is the motionless (comic book) cousin of anime, the animated version of manga.

The word "manga" literally translate to "quirky pictures." These whimsical pictures makes for a exceptional story telling application.

Since it's introduction, manga art has turn out to be a universal phenomenon, and it is particularly in demand in the west.

Part of the reason manga art has become so desirable among artists, even traditional figure Sketching artists, is that it permits for incredible creative expressions. It's wild and humorous style also makes for some ravishing art works.

It'sinfluences are felt in hit films like Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away (2001) and even in films based on Frank Miller's work (the renounced creator of "300" and "Sin City")

Manga has also spread the animated world in the form of anime. This art form as spread into TV, movies, and other media. It is especially popular with young people. It seems that it is nearly impossible to avoid some sort of reference to manga when you watch TV or go to the movies.

If you are an artist who feel like manga is not your style, you should still try to learn a little about this art form. Manga is huge and it is growing very fast. If you are a working artist, it is only a matter of time before you run in to a client who will want you to do some sort of manga influenced art project.

In addition to this, learning about manga drawing will only make you a better artist. You can learn a lot form studying an art that you might not like at first. It will help give you another perspective on drawing the human figure and drawing portraits.

I trust that introduction has gotten you excited about acquiring the skill of how to illustrate manga and looking forward to the upcoming manga articles.

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