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By Paul J Loughton

Decorating For The Rental Market (Planning)

When your going to get your property ready for the rental market you have to have a plan. This stage is one of the most important things you have to get right otherwise you could end up with a property that stays empty for months to come. Following the bellow advice can get you off on the best path.

Before lifting a paintbrush or getting the paint there is one vital thing to do first! Set a budget! Yes that's right, most people forgot this one important thing and the desire to make your property the most attractive on the street can soon run away with you and soon the expenses will run up. So make sure you set and budget and stick to it. Don't consider who is going to do the work or when it is going to be done before you set the budget.

You must decide if you are going to do the decorating and paint yourself or if you are going to get someone else to do it for you. Will saving a few hundred pounds be worth it in the end. Start as you mean to go on and get someone else in to do it. They will be quicker and better (unless this used to be your profession of course) and you will save your back in the long run.

Planning the colour scheme should come next; well actually you shouldn't really be planning that much here. You should be aiming to keep the whole thing as neutral as possible. Getting into the habit of doing this with every property is very important, you must not let your personal tastes influence the inside of you buy to let property ... period. Choosing the wrong colour other than the basics will put many of your potential buyers off.

One thing many people overlook is that the decor within a house can attract the right or wrong tenant. We all know we need to keep out the non paying tenants but how to we increase our chances of getting good tenants. The only real way you have (that many people miss) is by decorating as upmarket as possible.

Now onto choosing those paints and materials, always go for long lasting hard wearing waterproof paints. Yes they will cost you a little extra but that will far out way the expense of redecorating the entire house again after the tenants have left because you used cheap paints and materials to start with.

Lastly make sure you make a note of everything you buy and what room you use it for. If you do have to come back at a later date and touch things up your list of supplies with be invaluable and will spend you many an house trying to find matching colours or digging out receipts to see where you purchased than tin of egg shell yellow. Good luck!

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