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By John McCullough

Great children's photographers will make the whole event fun for the children and as un-stressful as possible for parents. Pulling a child to the photo studio and making him sit still while some unknown person pokes a camera in his face is not going to give the outcome you expect.

Photographers, who are skilled working with children, know that they hold a hunch on how to read grown-ups. They can tell instantly if the adult genuinely likes kids or is just tolerating them. If they observe the latter, you may have just found the point why your normally well behaved child acts like a wrong doer at the photographers.

If you wish to be an effective children's photographers you have to let the children enjoy. You have to try to speak to them on their level without being patronizing. You also have to understand children. It is amazing how many camera experts will expect a child to sit silent for what looks like hours while they assume this pose or that. This is just stupid.

When you do with kids you should work fast. Actually you only have a couple of minutes, sometimes even below that, to get the snap right. This doesn't permit for amateur mistakes. Kids get fed up really fast and their behavior will start to deteriorate.

In addition to working fast, you need to give them a rest as soon as you notice they are getting tired. Hopefully then you can re-engage their concentration and take more photos. Before you even start taking photographs of the kid, the expert should have agreed with the parents the nature of shots they need and how many. Having a genuine plan in mind and knowing exactly what you want to happen will help to break off any issues. Also the better your children's photographers converse with you, i.e. the client the more likely you are to get a satisfied outcome.

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