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By Dan Feildman

Throughout all of The Bruce Smith Photography Fashion Programs, Bruce will reveal exactly how he arranges his fashion lighting techniques of high and low key lighting, and furthermore the way to get the best shots when using studio strobe/flash or location strobe/flash or reflectors and diffusion screens along with the various modifiers which he uses for his incredible fashion photos.

Exactly what this Fashion Photography Training course covers

* The Studio

* Studio Illumination tips for normal studio

* Setting up to take pictures

* Directing the models

* Discover ways to produce a flow of positive energy in your own pictures

* Additionally, you will learn to compose your own images

* Work your pictures to match styles and pages of magazines

* Learn to manage your digital work-flows

* Clear up the secrets around colour balance

* Administration of your picture files

* Discover ways to make the most out of studio lighting

* Discover how to use your meter to control image contrast and exposure

* Get the answers to almost all of those questions you can't ever discover the answers to

* Have a great deal of fun and return home with some fantastic pictures for your own personal collection or internet site

Free Location Fashion Photography Courses - Become A Course Planner

We're seeking photography training course coordinators abroad to represent The Bruce Smith Photography Academy... The most crucial roll will be to sell programs to photographers via social networks etc.

To qualify for a free program you must fulfill the requirements of a program planner... IE fill a course with a minimum of 8 full paying students.

You will need to be able to set up professional team members of stylists and hair and make up artists, have or can make contact with models via top model agencies, either have or may source equipped studio facilities, find locations as well as take care of the pre and post program management.

This will be operated on a commission/partnership basis earning you 10% of the course booking fees on bookings which you instigate.

Anyways, I've been working hard to improve the Bruce Smith Photography Academy site and the refining of all of my tutorials so I can provide you with a fantastic experience in learning how to shoot fashion with extra flair and energy.

To find out my past students experiences of taking my courses, please visit my students comments page of the Bruce Smith website.

The Bruce Smith Photography Academy Programs - (this document will help you sell these lessons:)

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