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By Darell Perry

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying art supplies, and it doesn't even matter whether you are creating the next Mona Lisa or you just want to complete a school requirement. A simple research in the net and small discussions with your peers in the same filed can provide you a better idea on the different brands of art supplies. Or you could start your own art supply store. It has become quite a popular line of business in many countries because it provides great potential for income-generation. Those who are highly creative and have a good knowledge about the art supplies can set up the shop that sells art supplies.

Among the many considerations regarding the start-up budget for any art supplies distribution business include the store location, the stock type and quantity, the personnel complement, and promotions. Personal loans are most commonly the first option by people who are looking to start their own business, and they frequently go to their family and friends for these. If you are knowledgeable about the recent trends in art supplies and you are simultaneously applying some business savvy in your tactics and strategies, you can expect to immediately making a profit from your initial sales.

The basics could be obtained from online sources and books. Or you could sign up with some introductory classes or short courses being offered by some colleges or universities.

If your business is a general type of store, location would be the least of your worries or considerations. But if it is a specialized store that you are setting up, you should put a lot of thought on where you are going to be located. It should be somewhere in, or close by, a university or a school. It will be a huge plus if the university offers courses or programs related to fine arts. It will be to your advantage if the area also happens to be populated or the number of people passing through is huge.

You should also decide early on whether you will be a wholesaler or a retailer. Look for a regular wholesaler or distributor of art supplies to get your stocks from. The inventory should include all the art supplies and items that are necessary. You can start with the essentials such as colors and paints, papers and other drawing media, easels and drawing pads, enhancing items and other specialty tools. You can also sell other tools that are commonly used in simple arts and crafts projects, such as knives, cutters, mount cutters, scissors, and palettes, among others.

Simple canvases and sketched canvases can also be included in your inventory. If you want to differentiate your business by specializing in certain art supplies, you can sell easels. You can choose from the most popular table easels and studio easels. Your inventory can also include field easels and mount boards. Sketching and watercolor surfaces come in so many shapes and sizes. Selling water colors and acrylic coloring tools are very profitable. Sometimes you would also stumble upon a shop that sells Gouache colors. Basically, Gouache is water-based paint. canvases It has an opaque quality to it, mainly because of the addition of chalk.

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