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By Addison Overberry

Do you know the difference between contemporary art and abstract art? The distinction between the two can sometimes be a little unclear, but once you learn to tell the difference, you'll recognize the unique aspects of all the great pieces that belong to each style. The art scene is perhaps more vibrant today than it was ever before in the history of mankind.

There are lots of diverse artistic styles being practiced in different parts of the world, and this diversity is increasing with every passing day. However this has also lead to several challenges. The art scene is a lot more chaotic and confusing today than it was in the past. This is especially challenging for people who are new to the art scene or who are looking to invest in high quality art pieces.

The confusion between contemporary and abstract art appears also in the category of art forms. For example, the terms contemporary art and abstract art are often utilized interchangeably, even though their meanings are different. Let us check out the difference between these two art forms.

Abstract Art: Abstract art describes a style of painting that demonstrates a substantial departure from realism. Although it is challenging to identify when this art form came to be popular, it is usually accepted that abstract painting made its first appearance in Europe in the early part of the twentieth century.

Abstract art takes its inspiration from expressionism, cubism, surrealism and mysticism. The works of Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock are considered as excellent examples of abstract art. Since abstract art refers to a style of painting and not to an art period, it continues to be prominent to this day and there are lots of artists who practice this art form.

Contemporary art - Contemporary art, on the other hand, refers to an art period and not to any particular style of art. The term contemporary art is utilized to refer to any piece of art that has been developed throughout our lifetime or in the present day. Given that it is practically impossible to agree upon the meaning of contemporary, all the object of arts developed since the 1970's are thought about to be contemporary. It is important to note that the term contemporary art refers to all art forms, including traditional and digital arts.

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