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By Gordon Shropshire Telford

Decorating your home could be very nice experience, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Add y personal touch to your house and transform it to a real home you will enjoy. You need to know some basic stuff before starting, and here are some suggestions that might help.

You can make wonders using appropriate architectural finishes. Neutral colors of walls and floors will make very nice background for any future design. Stone, wood and terracotta will refine every space. If you would like to add more colors, you can always use some lovely rug, for example.

Wall paint can quickly transform your rooms. Stucco looks very appealing. Maybe you could use wallpapers, they are quite popular again. Clever use of different colors could be very effective as well. Walls don't have to be white or beige, but light colors, especially neutral ones, will open the space and give you more chance to play with different decorative elements later.

You shouldn't mix too many different floor finishes together. Try using only few of them in all your rooms. For example, if you use wood in your living area, put it in your bedrooms as well. It will be more elegant to pick one style and stick to it, than to have all kinds of floors in different rooms. Some combinations work very well, like stone and wood together.

Stone and other natural materials are always very good choice. Stone tiles will look amazing in your entrance area, living room and all other spaces, including terrace. They are resistant to mold and mildew and make very healthy living environment.

Used as a material for counter tops or mantelpiece, stone is also very appealing decorative element. It can be combined with wood or terracotta, it is available in various colors and looks amazing. Besides, it will add some value to your home, and it is easy to maintain it.

Stone tiles can be used for making decorative mosaics that will additionally refine your lovely home. Imagine having those elegant stone tiles in your entrance hall, living and dining area, or even the bathroom, with one or two interesting mosaics, and maybe a wall mural of the same colors. With just a few pieces of wooden furniture you can really make a difference.

Be careful with very dark, intensive colors. If your space is large enough, you can afford to play with those colors, but in very small spaces, painting walls in dark red might just be too much. Maybe you should consider painting only one of your walls in dark color instead.

Pick your favorite style and work on it. Of course, some things look great together, even if they are basically from different styles. Some things, on the other hand, won't look good. For example, wooden furniture and plastic windows. Maybe you should consider buying wooden windows instead, if they fit to your style.

Maybe you would rather cover your plastic windows with nice shades. Wooden or textile shades, especially those with thick linen, will be of great help for protecting your privacy, as well as for controlling the light. Pleated designed ones are suitable for modern interiors, and looped shades look very luxurious.

Decorative shades made of bamboo or woven wood are very appealing, as well as useful. Nicely combined colors can really make a difference. Pick all the things you like and fit them together, creating the space you will enjoy living in. Neutral base colors will help you combine different styles together.

Very small apartments can be divided to separate areas using glass walls. It can be useful if you have limited daylight source, and your space will remain visually open. Modern interiors can use this very appealing architectural element in different areas of living, for example in bathroom.

When you have all those basic works done, start playing using your imagination. When buying new furniture, always take all the measurements with you, and do take some photos of existing pieces. It would be easier to fit them together this way. Make some photos there as well, and you could also use designing software.

Home renovation is a hard work, but you will enjoy it anyway. You can really make wonders using interesting details only, maybe lovely pieces of art, or nice looking furniture. Don't forget about the plants. Greenery will add that final touch in transforming the house into comfortable home. Decorating will surely be a great experience.

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