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By Natasha Moore

When children are being deprived of love and attention they may develop a bad self image of themselves. The lives these youths live are filled with turmoil and heartache. There is a group of people who are trying to keep many of these at risk youths from falling into despair and acting out in ways that will hurt them now and in the future. This group has developed programs where children can discover themselves by using the power of art. The hope is that an angry teen will find a positive form to express this anger.

Their is an age requirement for those who will participate in these programs. A person should not be younger than twelve or older than eighteen. The target segment are those who are from dysfunctional families and have a high risk of engaging in bad behavior.

The children that the activists can be found in certain places. The teens are the ones who frequent the family court system or might be in foster programs. They can be found in alternative schools that cater to youth who have trouble staying in a regular school.

What the activists are trying to do is create a setting where these children can express themselves in a different way. There are some studies that show when a disturbed child is allowed to release the emotions inside them in a positive way their life can also move in a positive direction. They hope the troubled teen will see themselves as having self worth and that they deserve the opportunity to live a good life.

When most people are creating art they are revealing a part of their soul. A person is allowing others to see a part of them that they may have always kept hidden. Through this form of expression they can release some of the turmoil that might be bothering them.

A child can use many different forms of expression to express themselves. They can write and produce a short play. Some children will pick up a brush and paint a scene that reflects their life. What is important is that the youths be able to be in charge of what they want to express. They should not be made to feel like they are not an active participant in the process.

Most programs utilize the services of professional artists. These are people who have the skills and knowledge on how to create the images that others will see. They can give these skills to the youth as a present that can last a life time. An artist might be able to relate to what the child has gone through and can develop a positive connection with them. A connection that could very well be life affirming as they travel through life.

There are many children who are neglected and have become angry with the way they have been treated. To express their outrage they sometimes make decisions that can ruin their lives and negative affect the lives of people around them. Some people are hoping that by establishing a program that lets the children release their aggression through the power of art, they may be able to head down a different path in life.

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