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By Lenore Bolton

Married couples are expected to present each other with very specific gifts on the date that they celebrate their union. Traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts are made of paper. This may sound as if it would be difficult to think of something romantic or valuable made of paper but a little bit of creative thinking can result in fabulous surprises and interesting gifts that can suit any budget.

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about things made of paper is money, of course. Most people appreciate a gift of money because they are able to buy something that they really want, instead of acting grateful for a gift that is either not useful or simply not to the taste of the receiver. Money can also be given in the form of a gift voucher although this often restricts the places where it may be spent.

Hotel reservations and air tickets are also made from paper and one of the most romantic things that can be done by a loving partner is to take his loved one away for a few days of privacy, pampering and personal attention. Experts agree that couples need time alone with each other and there can hardly be a better time than when one celebrates the nuptials.

Another thoughtful idea is to present a loved one with a ticket to his or her favorite event. This can be to a sports match, to a concert or even to a gig by a well liked band. If the event is followed or preceded by a romantic dinner it would be even better. The tickets and menus are often kept for the family scrapbook where they will serve to bring back fond memories for years to come.

Even if money is tight there are still many ideas for presents that say I love you and I care about you. One such idea is to make a pledge booklet. Each page contains a promise that can be asked for at any time. The promise may be to wash the dishes for a week, or to provide a back massage on demand. With a little bit of creativity such a pledge booklet can be wonderfully romantic.

It would be wrong to think that a book as a present is a boring and unromantic idea. Many couples spoil each other with books that are naughty or erotic. Others show their love for each other by giving poetry. The possibilities are endless. Of course, a thoughtful inscription can only serve to make the book all the more precious.

Paper is used in so many different ways that simply everybody should be able to find a resent that will be appreciated by a loved one. Many people will find a handwritten love letter much more valuable than tickets to a concert. The more personal and original the idea, the more likely it is to be treasured for many years.

When it comes to 1st wedding anniversary gifts couples can pick and choose. It is perfectly possible to find or make a thoughtful and romantic gift that will suit any budget. There are many websites that offer fabulous ideas and online stores often offer free delivery within a few days of ordering.

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