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By Rosalind Landry

Kosmoratik band experiments the concept of multiple layers on music. This is a nineteenth century inspired concept that was referred to as Cosmorama. Objects were used to view images on a painting which created a new dimension of depth. This was used to animate the painting and was sensational to the viewer.

This band uses musical lyrics, instruments and voices to explore deeper feelings and evoke certain emotions from listeners. A touch of modernism is added to classical composition to result in an exceptional sound. Rock stars like Nick Drake and Martyn John, who are considered progressive rock artists, have been sighted as the inspiration behind this group and their influence can be felt from track to track.

This fusion of classical and modern musical trends has created a new genre that can be referred to as acoustic symphony. A combination of acoustic guitars, obo features and string quartets with a unique approach that is found in rock generates a modernist taste. The spirits and styles of those who have inspired this band can still be heard on every beat.

The first album is referred as gravitation and was set for release in 2012. It is an experimental piece that seeks to delve deeper in the feelings of the listener and create a somewhat three dimensional depth. This is an attempt to capture what may be referred to as the inner landscape.

The man who takes the honor for starting the band is song writer and lead vocalist Eivind Johansen. He has written most of the songs in an expertise style. He is assisted in writing by Gunnar Odd Froysland who serves plays the keyboard and guitar. He is an excellent arranger and has been a great resource to the band.

Lise Lotte Agedal is good at creating harmonies and has a unique soaring voice within the Kosmoratik group. The sounds that result from this combination are introspective and touch the soul. A more epic feeling is created by their choice of instruments. Use of oboe and acoustic guitar has created this effect. Other instruments that are dominant include flutes, synthesizers and keyboards which are present in all songs.

There are other persons who have influenced the group including poets like Hafiz who lived in the fourteenth century. Their sounds have been inspired by Pink Floyd and Camel who reigned during the seventies. The help of Bjarte Jorgensen on the drums and Arthur Kay Piene on the keyboard has enabled them produce a better sounding album.

2011 is when they began their maiden recording that was eventually released in May 2012. This album is a collection of influences and blends and has achieved their objective during experimentation. The unique taste brought about by this combination is irresistible. This has pushed the sounds to be described as a symphonic epic with a heavy influence of rock.

Kosmoratik band has used the internet to make their music accessible but live performances are breath taking. The influences of different eras and artists are distinct without losing the unique modern taste. The album is simply irresistible. This has lead to a growing anticipation of their next release from the over enthusiastic fans.

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