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Mending, Creating, Restoring And A DIY Guide To Painting And Decorating Sash Windows

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Grazina Mazur

While using a DIY Guide to painting and decorating sash windows, just follow the simple steps, and you will find this task to be easy and fun. First, remove the locks on the windows. They should have two screws. Then remove any putty and other sealants that have been placed on the window with a putty knife. You can also use a straight edge razor to remove old paint from the window glass, if necessary. Then sand all the rough spots to create a smooth finish for painting. Wipe off all the excess sand with a damp cloth, and when it dries you will be ready to paint.

To protect the glass from painting it in error and splashes, you can use masking tape or painters tape, but do not worry if you accidentally paint the glass. It comes off easy enough while it is still wet. If it does dry, this can always be easily removed with the edge of a straight razor.

You should use a primer to seal the wood and lengthen the life of the paint. After your primer is dry, paint your windows with an indoor and outdoor paint, as it is exposed to the elements of the weather.

The raised bottom sash, on the center mullion is where you might want to start. Then you can paint outwards from the center. Next paint the sides of the window, on the vertical mullions. Go to the tops next, to the horizontal ones. Some of the top of the vertical mullion may be hidden, so if you cannot paint it all, just leave it, and paint only the exposed part. You may find an easier method of where to start. It really depends on the preference of the painter.

When the paint is dried, and your window looks great, it is time to decorate it. Be imaginative. You can buy window treatments and draperies, or you can make them customized to your window. Either way, you will need to measure the dimensions of the window to make sure you have enough material for the homemade draperies, or you will need the measurements for the store-bought ones. A more modern look will show mini blinds or wooden blinds only. Sometimes curtains are not used at all. Or you can use a combination of light-weight curtains for a breezier look. Or a combination of blinds and curtains.

Your decisions will all depend on the atmosphere you want to create in the room. But whatever you decide, here is hoping that this small DIY guide to painting and decorating has been helpful.

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The Environmental Benefits Of Sash Window Restoration Are Attractive

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Jonathan Redworth

Many owners of period properties will be interested to learn the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. It is a worthwhile investment to improve the value of your house and minimize effects on the environment. Even though many new window designs are promoted as being environmentally conscious, the best solution is to restore and reuse the windows you already have.

It is apparent that buying a new PVC window has an impact on the environment. Yet, many old sash windows are replaced with new PVC frames. This means increased production of plastic products. A simpler and more environmentally friendly solution is to restore existing windows.

New wood windows can also pose problems. Deforestation is a global issue which can be addressed by using existing frames rather than consuming new wood products. An added benefit is that original wooden window frames are likely to be of a better quality and longer lasting than new ones.

The environment of your immediate surroundings is also affected by your choice of window. An attractive sash window restoration reflects well on your neighborhood. It might even add value to your home and neighbors' homes because it contributes to 'curb appeal'. Original sashes are also suited to the period of your home's architecture.

Levels of disturbance are less with a restoration project than with a new installation. Replacing windows can sometimes cause harm to plasterwork and walls. Damaged plaster has to be replaced. Therefore, installing new windows can result in a larger consumption of materials and energy.

Sash windows are useful for maintaining a desired temperature inside your house. During the hot seasons, opening both sashes will allow warm air out and cool air in. The smart design lets hot air exit through the upper sash while cool breezes filter through the lower sash. It is a much better and environmentally sound solution than an electrical fan or air condition unit. Altering sash windows can add to their thermal efficiency. For instance, adding extra glazing and sealing can help to insulate your house.

The ideas above make clear the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. Not to mention, this choice can be easier on your finances than installing new windows. In fact, window restorations are frequently less expensive than new installations. Looking in a local telephone directory or on the Internet will help you to find a sash window restoration company to meet your requirements.

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Sash Window Refurbishment Restoring Elegant Aged Frontages Of Houses And Buildings

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Kris Colwell

Sashes designed with the ability to open at the bottom and top to allow a breeze to circulate were brought into being in a time long before air conditioners. This design was also able to cope with the very heavy pane glass that was available in those years. These feature windows are unique and as such it would be a shame to loose them. A sash window refurbishment may be a way to safeguard their existence.

The concept was so clever that little of the design has been changed from the first sashes made in the seventeenth century. New and improved materials have however been incorporated and this allows for easier operation.

Wood is very susceptible to climatic changes and shrinks and swells and degenerates rapidly if not looked after and treated regularly. With all the wear and tear these wooden frames and runners no longer fit as snugly as they should and this results in draughts and windows rattling in the wind. This damage has a further knock on effect on the home's heating bills as without draught proofing a room takes longer to heat.

Living in a home with original sashes can cause a person a headache as at some time or another the question whether to replace or refurbish will need to be answered. Keeping the old world look of the original sashes may swing a person's final decision towards refurbishment.

Most of the work required in a refurbishment can be done on site without major disruption. Frames that are badly damaged are removed and taken to a company's workshop for a total overall before replacing. Frames that have chips or pieces missing pulleys cords and counterweights can all be repaired or replaced on site.

Many new advances have been made in the quality of materials that are incorporated into the repairs giving sashes their former beauty. Whilst doing the refurbishing draught proofing and modern double glazed panes can be put in to ensure improved installation which could also lead to heating bills decreasing. With the feature of being able to push these windows open easily one may want to consider adding security latches to prevent illegal entry. These latches are easily removed from the inside in any emergency situations.

Many of these old buildings have been declared historical homes and are listed with National Councils. No restoration or alterations can be carried out without receiving prior permission from these bodies. Nowadays there is a selection of replicated high quality Victorian sash windows with double glazed panes that are very similar in appearance to original sashes and permission has been given for these to be used as replacements for frames too badly damaged to repair.

A sash window refurbishment may be time consuming and in some cases expensive but if a person wishes to preserve their homes timeless charmingly elegant look it is the only option. Refurbishment companies take great pride in their work and use traditional carpentry and joinery techniques combined with modern materials to restore these sashes to pristine condition.

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