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Using High Quality Pictures Can Dramatically Effect User Experience

- - Sanny Tendilla

Visually appealing text and images enhance the experience of any website, and keep visitor attention focused on the sites goal. Quality photos elicit desired responses, showcase products, communicate ideas or opinions, and invite visitors to venture into the site towards that goal. The best use of photos ensures visitor attention is captured and maintained. Efficiently loading web pages result in visitor engagement, making them eager to learn more about the content of a site. Thus, enhanced user experience results from using high quality pictures.

Website photographs give potential guests their first look at a site. It is the first opportunity to influence them. Whether visitors venture farther or simply move on to another site is determined by their first impression. This means photography plays a major role in keeping visitors on a page. Quality pictures can keep visitors motivated to stay to discover more about site subject matter.

Placing photos on web pages is just as important as placing items in a store window display. Items on display encourage customers to enter the store. Placement of photography directs online visitors in.

For sites that express ideas, or seek to influence decisions, photos can play a key role in persuasion. Visitors often act on their perceptions and first impression, and typically look before they read. Photography enhances first impressions and perceptions preparing site visitors for persuasion.

Imagery is powerful. Marketers and advertisers rely on it. These professionals understand that imagery is the driving force behind persuasion and sales. When sites sell products, its photographs are key to its sales. Potential customers want detailed views of what they want to purchase.

Pictures are like power-tools on websites. Online imagery can wow visitors, drive them further into a site, and convert casual onlookers into agreement, and/or influence their buying habits. Once a site has elicited the conversion of an onlooker to buy or believe, a smooth, efficient, direction towards the goal is the ideal experience. Pages need to load efficiently to keep users on the site's pages. They do not want to wait for pages to load!

Photos with high resolution are large files that load slowly. They offer significantly better clarity and crispness, but visitors will spend significantly more time waiting for them to load. Web browsers cannot efficiently load these files. This causes an interruption of user attention and focus.

Photos optimized for the highest resolution possible (to be crisp and clear) as well as smallest possible file size (fastest loading) significantly enhance the experience of site visitors. When a few kilobytes can be saved on each image, the speed of loading an entire page significantly increases, especially for those using slower connections. Those using fast connections, experience pictures of quality that will allow a page to almost instantly appear.

Using quality photographs is an essential factor in enhancing the online experience. They provide added value to any site because its imagery holds the power to sell as well as persuade. The photography provides positive first impressions, efficient browser loading, and best visual quality. A conversion response will keep visitors focused and attentive to the goal of the site.
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