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Painters and Tradesman Public liability insurance

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Kevin Hartley

Painter public liability insurance or painters and decorators insurance : Even experienced decorators spill paint or have accidents, and these type of accidents can cost the painter thousands of pounds to replace and repair the damage caused by the accidents.

Whether you're a first time painter or decorator or a experienced painter and decorator and your running a business doing painting and decorating, you will need painter and decorator public liability insurance or a tradesman insurance.

Most painters are that good, they never spill the paint, but the accidents do happen, more often they are pure accidents or trainees have had accidents. Customers may fall over ladders, slip on decorators sheets, there are really so many accidents that can go wrong, and to think you can cover most eventualities would be a dire move on your finances.

Paint on really expensive carpets or paint on old furniture, or breakages to limited edition ornaments or canvas paintings , could cost you and your business thousands of pounds to put right.

As a painter most have trainee painters helping them work on site, as an employer you would need to have painters and decorators employers liability insurance, this is usually covered as standard in most painters insurance policy.

A painters public liability policy will usually start as low as 100 a year for some painters , this insurance policy may never be caused in its life, but one claim against your company could cost you thousands of pounds, the claim would be handed to a solicitor.

If you do not have insurance you would have to find a reputable solicitor who would take your case on, but, if they lost your court case you would have to pay your own solicitors fees and your clients solicitors fees.

With painters insurance the solicitor fees are paid for by the insurance company and you don't get that involved , as they insurance company deal with all the paperwork and administer the claim to an amicable solution for your client

Painters and decorators insurance is a must have for anybody beginning or trading as a painter or decorator.

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