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The Beauty Of Crochet

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Alice Nance

Many people, when hearing the word crochet, instantly conjure the image of an elderly woman sitting in a chair, crochet hook held firmly in arthritic fingers as she concocts another table doily. Some older women truly seem to have a special gift when it comes to crochet, and that's probably due to the fact that it was a skill sent down for generations. Even if the art of crochet is now rarely passed along in families any more, it is a beautiful, peaceful activity.

Today, it is common to find simple crochet patterns added to designs. From home decor to today's fashion, the addition of simple crochet - either as the complete design or as a supplemental touch - can make an item truly unique. Tablecloths and dresses are only some of the items that can be improved by simple crochet patterns.

Thanks to Hollywood, simple crochet is once again surfacing as a fashion statement. Suddenly crochet patterns are hitting the red carpet at movie premiers and awards shows as movie stars make their fashion statements with these classic designs.

While the rest of us might not be able to afford buying from the best designers, we can still partake of this growing trend and wear items that feature crochet patterns. An evening bag made from simple crochet can always add an extra touch of classy elegance. Many clothing designs, formal or casual, feature patterns of crochet.

For those who want to learn the art of crochet, you need go no further than your local craft store. You can find all you need - both instructional and physical materials such as yarn and hook - in a craft store near you. It is also possible for you to find classes where you can learn the basics from the crochet masters.

You will reap many benefits from learning how to crochet. You will learn a new, rewarding hobby and great skills. And you will learn how to be creative. With a pattern of simple crochet, everything in your world will take on a different, more classical look.

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