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How To Take Pictures Of Glass Awards

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Ravin Gallmoed

Photographers face a daunting task when they try to take photographs of glass trophies and glass awards. This is attributed to the fact that you require technical positioning and arranging of the camera along with an ideal setting of lighting and placement of the glass award at a certain angle.

It is explained cohesively by physics that glass objects are reflective and light absorbers in nature which differentiates it from other materials. So when you are planning for taking photographs there are some technicalities that you need to consider.

For ideal photography it is recommended that you take ample photographs from various angles to help you to get pictures without any unchecked tints and glares.

Sunlight seems to be the best source of lighting for taking pictures of glass trophies. Places that have ample sunlight must be pinpointed and used for taking pictures. It helps in ensuring a balanced lighting for optimum photography.

Try arranging the Glass award at a horizontal angle as this will help in letting the sunlight entering into it. This practice of setting the glass trophy at a certain position is called rake lighting. It lets the photographer take a picture that has a well balanced contrast and helps in reducing the reflection of sunlight from the surfaces of the glass awards. Sunlight may sometimes be not readily available to you which means that using the floodlighting may be the solution. You can take great pictures by using two flood lights placed at perpendicular angles each on the left and right side of the object. Next you angle down these lights to 45 degrees and place a black drop two inches behind the glass trophy to get the best results.

Lastly try to avoid any human error by using a tripod for your camera . This reduces the unbalanced movement and also minimizes any chances of getting a blurred picture . Remember to set each leg of the tripod at an equal height with the focus of the camera on the middle of the glass award.

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